Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pornographic Reminder about Thanksgiving

For the past three years, at this time in the Season of Eating, I wrote about wariness of Food Porn. Food Porn is my term, I coined it, I should get a royalty each time someone uses it. I am sure I was not the first to use the term. Back then it was a little heard term and when food photos and food shows were referred to as porn people laughed because (1) they had not previously made that connection and (2) people absolutely related to the idea of food as porn. 

Thanksgiving is only three days away and I thought I could be lazy and repeat what I already posted previously repeat some of the sound thoughts from those past posts because I am crazy with work and do not have time to sit down and write something new today, because I have not thought of a way to say it any better than these statements. Some of the thoughts and comments have been tweaked to reflect that it is a year later and life continues even if the thoughts remain constant. 
  • Being Thankful does not mean I relax and take my recovery from food addiction for granted. 
  • We are in the season of food shows dripping with holiday decadence in the form of food. I make it part of my personal responsibility (my action plan) to not put myself in a position to be too tired or too hungry while mindlessly watching the Food Porn television. 
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  • I do not want to doze while on the television a large southern lady is covering everything she can reach in butter. There will be nightmares or subconscious urges to eat butter if I watch that show. I am grateful that Saturday Night Live spoofed the show last year. I love comedy on food porn. 
  • For today, I have been graced with a state of bliss - it is occasionally chaotic but it is still bliss. I do not eat foods that cause my uncontrollable cravings and in return I am not overeating. It is amazing how well that works when I do not pick up the first bite. This Friday marks five years of living this way and for that I am grateful and part of my is tickled. 
  • I am not other people. I have not reached the point where I can indulge in small bites so it is better for me not to try. For me today, mindful eating is not about eating what my head tells me I want to eat. It means I eat my normal, everyday food slowly, chewing one bite at a time, without putting more in my mouth until I have swallowed what is already there. It means writing it down and knowing how much I am eating. It means I do not keep trying to eat cheesecake normally just because I want to believe I can eat cheesecake normally. 
It took me a long time to honestly face and accept what foods caused my cravings. Is there any food on that list would be worth having in exchange for the sane world I live and eat in today? There isn't a bite or a binge that can replace the good feeling of knowing I am keeping the pounds off for another season.



downsizers said...

That last point - I am not other people is very powerful. So many of us think we can indulge without consequences when we must face the truth that we can never indulge without consequences. It's kind of like "they" say this or that. Who is "they" anyway? "Other people" would fall into the same category. Being forever truthful to ourselves and mindful of how our mind can trick us is the key to long term success I think. Good post.

Caron said...

It is true for me as well that I cannot take the first bite of some foods without eating too much. If I were able to "just eat moderately" as so many people suggest, I would not have gotten fat in the first place. If we are serious about losing and keeping the loss off, we learn what works for us. Thanks for a great post. :)

DebraSY said...

The first time I saw the phrase "food porn" was in Paul Campos's The Obesity Myth, Gotham Books,(c) 2004, pp 70-78.

that TOPS lady said...
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that TOPS lady said...

When hubby and I took our weekend trip a couple of weeks ago, we were driving down the road and I was eating a kashi mocha bar (which I LOVE) and I started moaning just to be silly and he looked at me and was like "What on earth was that about?" and my answer was-- "Ya know, food porn." LOL

I hope my mother doesn't read this. LOL

Unknown said...

I think I need to follow your points every day--which is your point entirely.

:-) Marion