Thursday, November 17, 2011

This Isn't Your Dad's Thanksgiving

My Dad and his Pop
1940's in New York City. People didn't go door to door at Halloween for candy. Not in my father's time. They went out for Thanksgiving, carrying a sack or pillow case, knocking and saying "Anything for thanksgiving. . . . ."  Halloween was just costumes and tricks. No candies. Door to door was not done at Halloween in NYC until the 1950's

I just felt like sharing that story. My dad died six years ago on the day before Thanksgiving. This was one of the stories I remember him sharing with us over the years. 

Kong has the Burt Lancaster smile
Dad's Thanksgiving: Lot's of turkey, lots of potatoes, lots of sweets. My dad never met a sweet he didn't like. He loved his cakes and pies and apple cider and rice pudding and corn syrups. The sugar hated him. It killed him. Enough said.

When I was young my dad took me, then me and my sister, then my brother, to the Macys Thanksgiving Parade in New York City. We always started out early, had breakfast out and then went to watch the parade. One year we ate at the Automat. At the parade there were hot pretzels from a sidewalk vendor.  Sometimes we got hot cocoa. Years that we stayed home we watched the parade, then we watched King Kong (original version), then March of the Wooden Soldiers (Laurel and Hardy version) and finally, Miracle of 34th Street (original version).

I still have March of the Wooden Soldiers playing in the background while I cook in the kitchen on Thanksgiving. I sit down and watch Miracle on 34th Street. I skip King Kong now but only because they no longer show it every Thanksgiving and I do not own the DVD. I make a sugar free hot cocoa and I think of my dad and how he would hate that there is no candied to my sweet potatoes or crust on my sugar free pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving in Heaven, Daddy. I hope this year you will be enjoying dinner with Faye Wray and Robert Armstrong.



Cathy said...

I used to watch King Kong every Thanksgiving too. We got the NY station in Hazleton, PA.

Vickie said...

I am here. I have been reading every word. Very good posts all.

We are on our way to Washington DC today. Will be back sunday after Thanksgiving. Have a great hoiiday week.

that TOPS lady said...

(((((((((big hug))))))))))

Unknown said...

What a *very* interesting post about your father and upbringing.

:-) Marion

Jane Cartelli said...

Cathy - I am glad we were not the only ones. I knew as long as they played it there had to be others watching it every year. Did you watch Hans Christian Anderson with Danny Kaye each year, too? That was usually on by eating-leftovers-few-hours-later-time.

Vicki - Have a wonderful trip. I know I am looking forward for your return and comments.

Tops Lady - Hugs back at ya!

Marion - I think I need to go back and add a photo of my dad - with his dad.