Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ACHOO! - Says Who?

I have a head cold. This is the first time I have been sick in months and months. I cannot even remember the last time I could say I really felt under-the-weather. I have been well so long it is kind of scary to think about how often I was sick back in my unhealthy eating years. Having a cold of some kind happened every 4 to sick weeks. In fact, I think that is normal for a lot of people who are not eating enough fresh and healthy foods. Whereas in keeping the pounds off I have been eating natural, whole foods with a wide array of fruits and vegetables and staying away from the common cold uncommonly well.

Yeah, yeah, you are healthy. Big whoop. What does this have to do with helping me today to keep MY pounds off. 

Be patient, please. I am getting to that. So, as I wrote earlier, I have a head cold.

You said that already.

Please stop interrupting. Why are you so cranky today? Do you have a head cold, too?

Yeah, I do. My nose is constantly running, my throat is scratchy and my head aches. I just want to sit in front of the television and have my boyfriend bring home some of my favorite take out: stuffed shells and soft garlic bread and then heat up some hot fudge I can put over the egg nog ice cream to soothe my throat. 

Wait a second, have you been sitting home nursing that cold all day? And not exercising for the last three days because of Christmas shopping, Christmas Eve visits and Christmas day merriment, and now you are sick AND you are going to eat that?

Well, I normally eat a lot healthier and I never have empty carbs or butter and I only have the ice cream for Christmas but with the cold I thought hot fudge would that the chill off the ice cream and keep everything still smooth going down . . . . and when I am sick I treat myself to help feel better. 

Are you going to feel better if you feel bloated from the pasta and bread or when your joints get inflammed from the sugar and fat in the ice cream and fudge and the cherry cobbler . . . .

I didn't say anything about a cherry cobbler. . . .

Not here, but I read your blog, too. You wrote a week ago that the only thing you can't resist at Christmas is Nana's cherry cobbler and she always sends you home with the leftovers. Are you now saying you did not bring home the leftovers this year, even when you weren't feeling well?

Ummm . . .well . . . .

Look, I am not the food police. I eat the way I do from trial and error with my body over and over and over again. I share it here to remind myself what does NOT work and what DOES work. If you get anything out of it that is great. I am not telling you what you can or cannot eat. I only ask that you be honest with yourself and YOUR trials and errors and experiences. When you eat those stuffed shells and garlic bread you feel great when eating it, but you do feel great that night, afterwards?

No, not really.

Do you usually feel better in the morning after eating your comfort foods?

Well, sometimes the cold is better but I still feel sick in other ways. 

Could it be the bloat of the empty carbs or the drop in blood sugar after you have that ice cream and stuff? If you could feel better faster by just continuing to eat your normal, healthy food plan, why wouldn't you just do that? It took me a lon time to know my reasons. They go back to childhood.  From the time I was five and was told that I could have all the ice cream I wanted after my tonsillectomy, I have self-medicated with food. Medicating with comfort foods is a tough habit to break. When I am sick the last thing I seem to want is a fresh garden salad. I have to remind myself that a spoon full of sugar does NOT help the medicine go down this girl's gullet. 

Or mine. Okay, I'll try this a different way. I'm going to stick to my original plan for dinner tonight, before I felt sick: fish, whole grain rice and two streamed vegetables. And no cherry cobbler. I had a serving at Christmas. I'll give the rest to my boy friend. 

If you do something new, it stands to reason you will have a different outcome. I hope you'll feel better soon. Remember to keep taking in clear fluids, even if you do not feel like drinking as much. Our bodies do not recognize dehydrated very well. We often think we are hungry when in reality we are simply in need to fluids. But watch out for the empty calories of orange juice or apple juice. 

Anything else to suggest? 

Well, I'd love for you to write a comment on this post. It is always great to see feedback from my readers. Let me know how you are doing. Are you getting through the days without self medicating or are you in need of some outside support; either way, I am here to listen to your experience. Together we. . . . 

I know, I know, together we get better. You say that all the time.

I mean it all the time. Talk to you again soon.



Caron said...

Good morning Jane. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for all the good advice.:)

Melanie said...

Hi Jane - how is it that we're sharing the same cyber virus? I've been in denial, but I'm all stuffy today too. Like you, I really can't remember the last time I had a cold. A few minutes before reading your post I was pondering whether my immune system may have been effected by the junk I are during Christmas. Ugh.

that TOPS lady said...

I was blowing my sneezy nose as I read this post :)

My exercise has been lame over the holidays--- but the holidays are OVER now...and so...let us move :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that tickled me. Especially the (I think) inadvertent "Having a cold of some kind happened every 4 to sick weeks."

Feel better soon my friend.

Cenandra said...

Excellent post Jane!

You'll be happy to know that I am still going strong on no refined sugars and no aspartame! I am just thrilled I was able to give it up without much stress.

I still crave my Coke Zero though, any recommendations on replacement?

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I've got a head cold too! Mine has caused my ears to be so stuffy I can barely hear. Great advice on not turning to junk when we feel bad. It's certainly not helpful nor healthy.