Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Are You Kidding Me, God?

Dear God,
We need to chat. It is Jungle Bells time; time to celebrate the joyous birth of your only begotten Son. I missed the part in the bible where it says this is also the traditional time of year for unexpected home repair expenses. First the dryer gave up the ghost after many. many years of faithful service. Then we replaced four tires on my car, because with 45.000 miles on the tires you do not replace just one.  Then the oven (which is only 7 years old) stopped working. Then on Friday we learned our home insurance rates are going up $659.00 as of January 21st. Finally (I hope this is the final thing) random outlets throughout the house  suddenly went kaput. We need to hire a licensed electrician to vi$it our home and make repairs of some sort that will probably require expense copper wire and the sale of some prized possessions. 

Really, God? Is there any reason for this to be happening, all at once; all this month? Add this all up and we are at 5% of our income for the year. Is there not enough for me to concentrate on? Must I be staying away from the foods that call all season long? Do I look like someone who thrives on the added stress of financial insecurity? I think you know me better than that. Financial stress is something that draws me to eat inappropriately and I do not wish to revert to those behaviors today or ever. I do not want to be whining or complaining. We are all healthy and so many other people have troubles far, far exceeding those in my life. However, I can only live my life and this is what you have given me. 

Can you share your plan with me? Enlighten me to what lesson you want me to embrace so I can bear witness to others of the strength received through faith in You? 

Not my actual stove
Honestly, I had to laugh at your humor in having the stove stop working just two weeks before Christmas. It is like you are saying "I know how hard it is for you at this time of the year. I know you want to bake cookies. Let me take away the temptation by taking away the ability to bake. That one actually cracked me up. 

The dryer was just a simple annoyance which we rectified fairly quickly. And I was fine with the tires, too. We had 3/4 of the money ready for the repair and the day we got the quote on the tires I did get a check in the mail that paid the final 1/4. I seem to remember telling several people that was a real God-incidence. 

But this electricity thing. . . . there is an unknown quality to it and the unknown is often frightening. I think I need some extra help in getting through this without leaning on the food. I will accept any non-food help you want to direct this way. I am open to what you will have me be/do. 

Tonight I wanted to snack late at night. I reached for the phone and sent a text message to someone but they were already off for the night. That is okay because just taking that action gave me pause and I did not eat anything. Then, since I was working on a blog post, I started writing this letter to you. I hope you do not mind that I am sharing it with my readers. I want to share with them that nothing is off the table when it comes to keeping my fingers out of the refrigerator. So it is now 1:41 AM and I need to get up at 6:30 AM. I need to go to bed so I do not spend tomorrow feeling too tired. I already have my food planned for tomorrow. Please guide me in keeping to that plan. 

What are you asking for today while keeping the pounds off?



Fatoutofskinny said...

Well if it doesn't rain it pours....isn't that what they say?
Hang in there. Had to laugh at the oven thing.....taking things out of temptations way!!!!!

In answer to your question about the 30 Day Shred....she has modified exercises for most of the moves. Think I overextended my knee on the side lunge, or twisted it....trying to do the unmodified version....wanted to look like the girl doing the exercise.....an amazon queen!!!! Silly me! So lesson learned...I'm old and will have to settle for Southern Belle I guess!!!!!

Melanie said...

Financial strain is a binge trigger for me as well. You can do this!! I always pray that God will be my strength. Not that he will give me strength, but that he will be my strength. Because if he gives me strength, I will probably mess it up!!! May seem like a tiny difference in the wording, but it makes a huge difference in my thought process!!

Congrats on looking at the oven not working as a possible blessing in disguise!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Hi, new to your blog. When it rains it pours, am I right? We had a couple unexpected expenses lately too but I'm trying to see the positive-I got a new dishwasher and my husband got new tires for his car, now we don't need to decide what to buy each other for Christmas (or fight the crowds!)Hope you'll find some silver lining in the situation. Glad to have "met" you.

Vickie said...

we had a month or two like this a couple years ago, like maybe around February of 2010. I can't remember now what it was - but something like refrigerator, washer, garage door and plumbing.

I am sort of having a month like this right now, only no appliances involved.

On my way to get a chipped tooth repaired as I write this. And prepping for my second colon test which is tomorrow. . .

(at least the house didn't burn down, you did get a warning)

Unknown said...

Hi Jane! I totally relate to this blog as I had an *entire year* of bad stuff happening last year. Just one bad thing after another. Costly, demoralizing, bad for my health things.

And my awful mother-in-law lived at our home, while we paid her bills, and criticized the h--- of of me 24/7 for 8 months. And she drank water before bed, so she kept me up all night by thunking her door and the bathroom door about 10 times (5 times each) every single night. I was so sleep deprived that I cried nearly every day.

I was ready to strangle a certain person. And my husband talked about divorce nearly every day she lived at our home. Things I didn't even count as bad were that the oven quit working and the washing machine too. But in retrospect, those were not even noteworthy.

Part of the stress was moving into a rehab house that had a 3 foot big hole in the dining room ceiling, where it had snowed and rained in for 2 years.

Last week, we finally got our electricity updated, from push button switches to modern. We had electrical buzzes in the walls, switches upside down, hot switches, missing wiring, etc...

But...not as bad as no pipes in the house at all, when we bought it. Yes, you can't have water in your home for faucets and toilets if there are no water pipes because they were stolen. Also no heat at all until we put radiators in right before Thanksgiving last year. I wore layers of 4 shirts and a sweatshirt until we had heat.

I also got in a car accident and got Lyme Disease last year.

Evil MIL no longer lives in our home. I have sanitized her badness out of our home. We have almost paid off our ($15,000+) loans taken out to pay her debts.

Did all of this comment make you feel better or worse? At least, I lived to tell the tale. :D

Btw, this year has been great!

:-) Marion

Unknown said...

Oh, and I almost forgot that our office flooded last year too.

:-) Marion