Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Christmas Apocalypse

The final rush of the holiday build up is on. People are scrambling with shopping, cooking, parties. There are also a lot of hopes and expectations flying around. Glad tidings and good cheer can quickly turn to other things when hit with hopes unfulfilled and expectations unmet. 

Watch out for the Eight Reindeer of the Christmas Apocalypse:  Jealousy, Envy, Frustration, Fear, Resentment, Anger, Selfishness and Dishonest. They seek to drag down your holidays and pull you into a dangerous place where you will be overwhelmed and unable to see the insanity of poor food choices. Here is a short, personality study of each reindeer:

  • Jealousy - this one takes the form of making you distrust others and forget your own blessings
  • Envy - coveting what belongs to others (physically, emotionally or spiritually, is such a naughty reindeer it has a place in the 10 commandments 
  • Frustration - when frustration comes in the door, serenity goes out the window. You need to take frustration out for a walk around the corner and let it play somewhere else. Bring serenity back home with you.  
  • Fear - All consuming reindeer that shrivels common sense and well being. Can only be replaced by faith.
  • Resentment - close cousin of the other reindeer, leaves its droppings everywhere for you to clean up
  • Anger - explosive one minute, seething the next. Can be hardest to see coming
  • Selfishness - Always wants things his way because he cannot fathom that another way could possibly be better. Usually does not even recognize itself when shown a mirror
  • Dishonesty - hides food for you, hides truthful feelings, steals your happiness. 
When the Eight Reindeer of the Christmas Apocalypse come 'round your festivities this year, don't make a warm place for them at your hearth. Acknowledge what they are but do not invite them in to stay. 

I can only stay on track keeping the pounds off at Christmas when I stay clear of these eight naughty reindeer. Do you have any reindeer that seek to take away your holiday joy?



Anonymous said...

I like yours. I see myself breaking a few of them from time to time. I try not to.

I loathe the lazy reindeer. He hangs out with the dishonest reindeer. He won't exercise because he claims there are more important holiday things to do. He also hangs out with his cousin gluttonoxen. He tells his reindeer pals that particular foods they are trying to figure calories on are actually a lot less caloric than they might normally think. Close relative to Dishonest, but sneakier.

My capcha is Deerso.

Jane Cartelli said...

Lazy is a friend of Slothful the Snowman. But that is another story . . . .

That Gluttonoxen is a dangerous pal. Thank you Munchie for adding to the list.