Tuesday, December 6, 2011


CookieMonsteritis - a physical condition in which one is unable to pass up a cookie tray without putting at least one cookie into their mouth. Evidence of the condition is often characterized by:

  •  buttery fingers
  • cookie crumb-foam-at-the-mouth
  • outward giddiness 
  • inward guilt 

Sufferers of this condition often zonk out from a drop in blood sugar after consuming the cookie and return to the cookie tray to repeat the condition over and over again. This condition often escalates into dipping in the cookie tray, the candy jar and the snack  drawer continually. 

Personal responsibility can alleviate the condition in some, however it is very common for additional help to be needed. When Cookiemonsteritis is active, attempts to eat just one cookie and stop is often met by failure and denial. There are reports of people who have managed to regain control but these are rare individuals who seem to develop an immunity that alludes most sufferers. 

Any attempt to stop someone with Cookiemonsteritis from getting their fix during the manic stage of this condition can be dangerous to the well-meaning good Samaritan. Step lightly. All you can do is be an example: passing by the cookies without indulging and give hope to the sufferer that it can be done. 

For other related conditions, see also: 
candycornacytis, hersheykissectomy and eggnogginmalformation. 

Dear friend Marion of Affectionforfitness commented on a post the other day and told me that the photo above reminded her of a word she invented: Cookiemonsteritis. That comment triggered me to write today's post. If you are out there wondering if your comments are being read or if your comments have any value - PLEASE know that on this blog, ALL comments have value. You never know if your comment will lead to the next Keeping the Pounds Off topic.



bbubblyb said...

Felt like this post was wrote for me and my weakness at the firehouse on Friday lol. Yes, I too find a ton of value in my comments, always appreciate yours :)

Jill said...

I have not commented here in a while! Sorry about that! I will be better!! But I better be careful what I say!!! :)

Caron said...

Yes, I want that immunity so that I can eat just one. I know from repeated attempts through the years that the only way I can eat just one is if it is the last one. :(

Cenandra said...

I have cookiemonsteritis!!!!! Oh my gosh! Some days I surprise myself like today. They brought in tons of food including fudge and cookies at work. I wasn't interested and walked by without thinking about eating any. But wow, if I give in to my temptations its all over.

Anonymous said...

Kids are very prone to this disease. How do we break the cycle of grabbing and grazing on anything we pass? With kids it helps to have times when the kitchen (restaurant) is "closed for business." No access to food at all. Not that I do this, but I should!

For adults it's harder. I think that you can only resist this kind of eating when you are calm, mindful and conscious. Very centered. And for me the first few moments of the day are critical. Am I going to prepare my tea with mounds of sugar or with one level teaspoon? Am I going to have a light, balanced breakfast with adequate protein, or go straight to the simple carbs? Am I going to drink a big glass of water before I do anything? If I get on the right track, everything goes more smoothly.


Maren said...

cookiemonsteritis!! :D Love it! I think I've had that disease many times, but right now I'm cured. Hope I won't catch it over Christmas :p

Karen said...

Great post. I'll be forever greatful for abstaining from the plate of cookies in trade for arresting the disease. Not just the plate of cookies, but the mind set of others saying I can have one, I should give them to my daughter because she's a kid and I shouldn't restrict her! Addictive food + food pushers = obesity + disease. Karen P

Fatoutofskinny said...

Hahah, ya got me! Just had an episode of cookiemonsteritis the day after Thanksgiving! Have fully recovered now......hopefully.....yes I have!

On a different note. If you were going to have a festive family lunch (for Christmas), a great atmosphere a must with lots of Christmasy "stuff", which Disney hotel restaurant would you go to? Hope you don't mind the question.

Jane Cartelli said...

Is this to take place actually on Christmas Day?

Fatoutofskinny said...

No, just sometime during the "Christmas" period.

Jane Cartelli said...

As long as it is not Christmas day. Horrors!

Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness lodge gives you a NorthWest winter feel and a great view of their tree. Great place for meat eaters, friendly to children. After that I would take the water taxi to the contemporary and get on the monorail to the Grand Floridian for a trip to see their tree and giant Gingerbread house. Then take the water taxi at sundown to Ft Wilderness campground and walk around the loops to see all the decorations that people set up there for their own trailers. Trust me, it rivals the best of neighborhood displays.

That would be the most non-park decorated place I could name for a lunch at Christmas time.

Fatoutofskinny said...

Thanks so much Jane sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I look JUST like the cookie monster when I get around certain chips. Hershykissectomy is when your loved one braves being bit while extracting the 10th Hershey's kiss from your mouth.

E. Jane said...

Thankfully, I am currently free of Cookiemonsteritis, but I know it is lurking and waiting for a vulnerable moment. So I need to be thinking that my life depends on keeping it at bay--because it does!

Jane Cartelli said...

FatoutofSkinny - Let me know when you make your PS for - they are certain days I will be over there on business and we might get to say hello in person.

Munchie: Yes, that is hersheykissectomy!

E. Jane: It does. - Mine, too.