Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Exercising the (Binge) Pounds Off

If you are someone who thinks "I can eat whatever I want this holiday as long as I increase my exercise to burn those extra calories. . . ", and your normal exercise routine is best described as sporadic, forced, tepid or neophyte, get out of that mindset! You are setting yourself up for a fall.

If you currently exercise 45 minutes 6 days a week are you going to increase to 90 minutes a day, 6 days a week and stick with it through the holiday buffet hangovers? People who think they can lose a quick five pounds before Christmas so they can 'comfortably' gain over Christmas are really doing themselves a great disservice. Quick weight loss means a loss of muscle. Quick gain always includes fat. You could come out weighing exactly what you did but be less healthy with a higher percentage of body fat. Do that a couple of times and you will find it getting harder and harder to get the pounds off in between the binges. The ability to knock off a few quick pounds will become a heavy chore. 

I might be able to exercise away the calories from a couple of cookies but I will not exercise away the calories in a binge without damage to my body and no amount of time in the gym is going to relieve me of the cravings that fill my mind and body when I awaken the sleeping giant of compulsively eating food. 

By all means increase your exercise because it is the healthy, right thing to do for your body. Don't camouflage it under a mountain of calories. That will not help you in keeping the pounds off. 



downsizers said...

Amen sister. We exercise for the wrong reasons a lot of times. We should tie it to health rather than weight loss but it is so hard not to try and tally up the calories burned and then eat accordingly. That doesn't work either because that 350 calories we think we burned in aerobics is not the "net" burn - we would have been burning calories anyway.

Anonymous said...

Jane, thank you! A terrific case against binging and crash diets. I'd never heard it put so succinctly before. Why would I engage in a practice that will increase my body fat? Oh, my body composition after years and years - decades - of the yo-yo circuit makes sense now.

Just more incentive to do weight loss and maintenance the right way.

Kelliann said...

Awesome, awesome post. Many don't understand this concept - the number on the scale can have very little to do with ones health.
Thank you! As always, I look to your posts for inspiration, and you NEVER dissapoint.

Caron said...

Great advice!

that TOPS lady said...

yep. I am a 45 minute per day, 6 day per week exerciser. It is hard for me to get it done even on normal days. Add in the whole Christmas thing and it is extra hard. I can't imagine telling myself I had to do more. My plan is to keep eating and exercising as if it were any other day/week and not Christmas. (NOT EASY)

Karen said...

I loved your line about not awaking the sleeping giant. So true. Very slippery slope thinking to try to justify over eating with exercise. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Say it sister!

Cenandra said...

Boy I know exactly what this is like! The binging is a terrible, terrible disease to go through and people who don't do it will never understand it.

Since changing my eating, I have had maybe 1 binge since and its getting easier. What a serenity not to have to live that every weekend or every day.