Monday, December 26, 2011

First Commercial Sighting!

I never had a chance to write my final 'Twelve" theme post for Christmas Day. I will have to save it for another time. 

Turned on Good Morning America and saw the first Post-Christmas-lose-weight-for-the-new-year-DIET-commercial. It featured Janet Jackson and it was for Nutri-System, one of the buy their food with their diet shakes and add-on meals and additives. get ready for the deluge, my friends. Over the next 5 weeks we are going to be bombarded with every diet system, club, for-profit weight loss program and supplement on the market as they all vie for your dreaming-of-weight-loss dollars. 

And when they quiet down we will have ten months of constant and annoying political ads leading up to the presidential election. I may be unplugging commercial television for the year. . . . . 

I hope you had a safe, happy, healthy wonderful Christmas. We are about to do the one sad thing we must do each Christmas - bring our daughter to the airport so she can return to her life in New York City. The week went way too quickly for us all! 

Merry After Christmas everyone! 



Maren said...

It's a bit comical all the ads for weight loss over the holidays.. I mean, people can really "just" make better choices. We don't need the readymade stuff.

Cenandra said...

I am with you I do not appreciate the bombarding of weight loss commercials either. Weight Watchers has one going with two girls singing about it. As you know I lost my weight from Nutri-systems, so they will always have a soft place in my heart BUT I have kept it off because of ME no one else!