Tuesday, December 13, 2011

God Reads My Blog?

So, at 1:30 AM today I wrote a post, Are You Kidding Me, God?, in which I questioned God about the timing of the dryer, 4 tires, oven and my home's electrical system all going kaput during the Christmas season. I queried God with this statement:
"Can you share your plan with me? Enlighten me to what lesson you want me to embrace so I can bear witness to others of the strength received through faith in You?"
This morning, while it was still dark out and too early to call the electrician, the various sockets, on their own, began working again.  I think I understand God's answer. I think it is this:

" What you wrote is true. You are stressed and you reached out for help. You are healthy and recognize that others have far greater troubles than you. Still, you are troubled by things you do not control. You have that right. You shared your annoyance and you are able to feel the humor in situations that used to anger you without acting out with food. I want you to remember that none of this is automatic. You have worked to be healthy and recognize the blessings in your life. This lesson gave you pause to remember not to take things for granted. The troubles may return next month or tomorrow. What is important today is the little light inside your heart. Do not take for granted that it will be there just because you flick a switch. Give it the attention it deserves. "
I do not feel I am a deeply spiritual person and I do not wrap myself in religious dogma or platitudes. I tend to keep my spiritual side out of my blog.  Writing a letter to God, published on Keeping the Pounds Off, in the wee hours of the morning, was something I did when I was tired and annoyed. I never thought there would be a follow up post or that there would be (what I feel is) a clear response but having received it, I feel I must share it here. Tomorrow I will go back to talking about gas. 

Another day keeping the pounds off by not reacting to life with food. It is a good day. 



Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

This is so cool. As someone--ie, me--who is messed up in an assortment of ways, I find I need to call out to God a lot. And when my joy is great, I thank Him a lot. And when I look at my blessings--hubby, family, old, desperately in need of renovation (electrical, plumbing and otherwise) home, I remember so many have NO home, and it makes me so grateful. Clean water.Good food. A free nation. I'm grateful for my non-luxury car.

Yes, we cannot take the grand list of goodnesses in our lives for granted.

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

Divine intervention...I'm glad you were willing to see his answer. Some never would have...good for you.

that TOPS lady said...

I loved this. Can I tell a story about a God-thing? I was very, very low on gas and had no money for gas and there was somewhere I had to go. So, I went, just keeping my fingers crossed that I wouldn't end up walking. At an intersection, a toolbox fell out of a man's truck, his tools went all over the intersection and people just drove over them, as if they weren't even there. He was trying to pick them up and not get run over at the same time. It made me angry that people weren't stopping and letting him get his tools. I made a u-turn and came back to the intersection, STOPPED my van to block traffic, put on my flasher and got out and helped the man pick up his tools. He thanked me and as I was quickly getting back into my van, he said "What is your name?" and I told him. He said "Go to Edgewood's Gas Station. I want to buy you some gas." It turns out that he was the OWNER of the gas station and he put $50 worth of gas in my van!

Anonymous said...

Romans 1:16
For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes;