Friday, December 23, 2011

Planning For IT . . . .

Not my restaurant
Does planning to overeat at one meal or one day play into a successful plan for long term weight loss? Some people can do that. They have done that. I believe them when they say that they do not have residual cravings and uncontrolled eating when that meal or day is over.  I don't know how it works for them but it must be working because they are keeping their pounds off. I do note that while long-term maintainers who are moderate eaters who eat everything but only in moderation and never overeat or obsess over their food are rare birds, the ones who can plan to overeat one meal or plan to overeat one day and still  remain on the right path the other 364 days/1000+ meals of the year are even rarer. 

The rarest bird of all
I know it has not worked for me; does not work for me. I tried it for several years and I was miserable. Those experiences sucked but at least they brought me to where I accept the path I need to travel if I want to be free of that damn stinking monster food obsession and remain successful at keeping the pounds off. Last year is when I started a no-sugar lifestyle. It is not perfect. It is not easy and it is not something I would do if I had other workable options that honestly worked for me. I don't. Or, at least none that allow me to live free from yo-yo dieting, binges and a generally bitchy attitude. Living without the sugar has given me peace of mind. It gives me joy in things that do not lead to food. What this does give me is clothing that fits year round and year after year. Now I toss out clothes that are old and worn, not clothes that are tight and food stained. I do not have to lament a year where I gained weight or only lost few token pounds. 

Some gifts are too great to be wrapped
If you have tried it before and it did not work for you, please consider the experience of NOT trying it again. What has really changed since the last time you tried? If this is your first time at the rodeo and you are taking the bull out for the first time, please be careful. Pay attention to those red flags and never take your eyes off the real gift: a happy, healthy body and a life worth more than the price of a holiday cookie.



Kelliann said...

As always, insightful. Perhaps this year instead of the residual "Why did I do that to myself AGAIN??" I can really think about it before hand and begin to revamp the thinking about holidays and food. Thank you so much!

Sandrelle said...

Jane, great info and advice! I am definitely not one of those who can eat anything in moderation...