Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I need to repent and you do, too. You may or may not be as surprised as I am, but repentance is not about guilt, remorse, or self flagellation. According to a publication for Advent and Christmas entitled The Little Blue Book:
Repentance means to re-think. That's the literal meaning of the English word, and it's the literal meaning of the Greek word 'metanoia', used in the Gospel of St Mark. 
 To repent means to think some long thoughts, take a good look at the whole picture, and get a perspective - a perspective I might lose in the hustle of day-today life, especially during the holidays.
To repent is to see things differently and, as a result, to live differently.
I am originally from New York City, I have seen my share of people standing in Times Square toting signs blazing the word REPENT and hearing them scream about repentance. I never before understood it was a positive action with no fear attached. 

Now I can see repentance as meaning re-think, get perspective, see things differently. I am very appreciative of this improved explanation. In keeping the pounds off I have to pay attention to things like this. I need to re-think, find and maintain healthy perspectives, and as the result, I get to live differently and always, ALWAYS enjoy a better life than I had before I took the action.

Consider this my moment of standing on the corner of 42nd and Broadway.

REPENT today!   




F. McButter Pants said...

It's a daily thing for me. Interesting post.

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

I see a lot of similarities between the repenetance that led to my Christian salvation and the repentance that led to my dieting salvation. Both required that I take a hard look at things, choose a different path, see my identity differently, and make BETTER choices in the midst of temptations as each day presented its challenges

Both are hard walks. Both are worth it. Both require being "born again" in a way....because you cannot be the same, think the same, and make progress.

Repentance is a needful thing.

Unknown said...

Very interesting. I'll have to think about this.

:-) Marion

Vickie said...

I love word definitions.

When you wrote about your 'number 12' thing, I didn't think to mention definitions.

I have included many in blog posts over the years.

I will have a word resurface or increase in frequency or simply catch my attention and will look up the definition (much like your 'repent').

This happened at a doctor's appointment yesterday - I used the word 'cringe' and he looked it up to see what the word really meant.

Often the definition (like your 'repent') is a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I had never heard that definition of repent - wonderful!

It makes me think of bells that call to prayer - something to jar the mind to awareness.

Sarah said...

I remember being taught at Sunday School that to repent literally meant "to turn around" - i.e. do a complete 180 and change your ways. That definition fits in well with your idea. Its a very positive action based on a commitment.

Jane Cartelli said...

F. McButter Pants - Just writing your name is fun for me but it fans my addiction, too. LOL

Princess - When I started out I said I did not want to change my life, my relationships, anything, just the way I looked and felt. If I kept that up the pounds would have crept up. I needed that repentance - a new way to thinking, looking at things, acting. . . .

Marion - Hugs~

Vickie - I got to see your cringe post and I have to say that is a word I have always had down pat. LOL

Steph - I like the Bells connection.

Sarah - I love positives!