Thursday, December 8, 2011

What a Gas . . .

Doctor Oz says that we, meaning me and you, nuns, stewardesses, presidents, news anchors and George Clooney; we all pass gas about 40 times each and every day. No one is immune from gas coming out of their bodies. Much of the gas is without offensive scent but we all lay our fair share of bombs, whether we admit it or not. 

Since just after Thanksgiving, I have noticed a growing issue with odorous gas and I do not understand where it is coming from. Stop laughing! I know it is coming from me. I mean what is causing it.

Not my food anyway
  • I do not eat soy
  • I do not eat wheat
  • No eat any dairy fat
  • No added sugars
I have not been eating much in the way of nuts or dried fruit. I have not been drinking carbonated beverages. When I previously had this problem I used more artificial sweetener than I do now. I have not been chewing much gum - maybe three pieces in a week. I know there have been more beans lately but that was not a problem before, once I gave up soy and wheat. I started using Almond milk about 2 months ago and that was not causing it. Whatever demon is polluting the inside of my body, it is something that has taken place in the last two weeks.

I wonder if this could be dairy related? Maybe I have become a little lactose intolerant? I never had a problem with dairy before - outside of my addiction to all things containing milk fat. Could I have developed something during the weeks I was having less of it? I started using soy and sugar free almond milk over a month ago and slowly stopped using any other dairy with the exception of my fat free Greek yogurt each day. Could there have been a change in my body during the lull? 

Not really my street
Keeping the pounds off should not mean that I am keeping people off my side of the street. I need this to stop. I have a few days next week when I know I am not going to any events, parties or other people's homes. My meals will all be planned in advance and kept simple. I am going to spend those three days dairy free, legume free, and artificial sweetener free and see if the gas abates.

I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions and any experiences you want to share on making this better or at least breathable.



E. Jane said...

Passing gas is one of those things that we all do, and it's crucial to our health. In fact, after an abdominal surgery, one of the questions asked will be this: Have you passed gas yet? And if you haven't, after an appropriate amount of time, measures will be taken to expedite the matter. So it's pretty important that we pass gas, and yet, it's such a taboo in our culture to do it when in the company of others. (I wish my dog would understand that.)

As far as your situation, are you eating any different foods, such as fruits and vegetables--perhaps more onions? I also run into trouble with sugar free products that contain lots of fiber and alcohol sugar. I no longer eat them, and that includes WW bars. Hopefully whatever is causing this will resolve. Good luck.

that TOPS lady said...

I have no advice but you did literally make me laugh out loud and almost wake my husband who is sleeping a few feet from me LOL

:) I hope your issue resolves. I recently accidentally (of course) let one slip IN CHURCH.

Karen said...

I vote lactose intolerance. Could be the beans ( the tootie fruit, the more you eat the more you toot!). Do an experiment, to see which one it is. I have some friends who take probiotics to even out their GI systems. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Dairy, legumes, and artificial sweeteners are all possible culprits. As you reduce each in your diet, I can imagine you get more sensitive to them. I read recently that lactose-intolerant folks can build up a tolerance by adding dairy back into their diet, so it wouldn't surprise me that cutting down makes you more sensitive to dairy products... sounds like a matter of what the body is used to. I cannot consume alcohol sugars at all. Legumes... are you using canned or cooking your own? If your own, tossing the soak water and refilling your pot before boiling will reduce the gas-inducing properties. It's all about tolerance, what you're used to... I'm a vegetarian who eats beans daily and they usually don't bother me at all.

Other possibility might be added holiday stress just upsetting your system overall? Our GI tracks are the first thing to react to increased stress.

Good luck with your sleuthing!


Vickie said...

I was going to suggest dairy before I even got to that paragraph simply because we have been watching BIG BANG THEORY and very often gas and dairy are a topic.

I think you are very smart to use elimination process.

If you eliminate all 3 and it stops, then I would suggest only adding back the legumes in small portions on days you aren't public and forgetting the other two.

And I personally eat lentils and quinoa (in small portion) but not very many beans.

Vickie said...

My vegan takes probiotics daily.

I am fine with plain yogurt and get my good/live cultures that way.

Unknown said...

Hi Jane! I'm sorry, but farts are such a funny topic to me. I was just cracking up so hard! :D

Dr. Oz says 40 times a day?!!! I personally admit to less, and think I'm being honest. Hubs says his farts don't smell<<not being honest. And they also sound like a tuba blasting in the morning.

I'm not a fancy person, but I'm careful about how much I eat after 5:30 p.m. if I'm going to exercise in the morning--for obvious reasons.

I still cannot tolerate broccoli at all, meaning the Dr. Oz' stats could be right on those days. So watch the veggies and the times and see if that helps. If nothing else, I laughed a lot.

:-) Marion

Cenandra said...

I think I pass more gas now than I did when I ate bad and weighed 255 pounds! LOL!

I would think its all the fiber that you eat and veggies.

Jane Cartelli said...

These comments are all great and I am going to use them in Part two of this dilemma in a post this coming week.


Anonymous said...

Overcooked veggies of the cruciferous kind? Broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts.

No fat dairy and meat combo??

Anonymous said...

I love a good fart chat.

Anonymous said...

I hate to even go there, but I know you went to a foreign country recently, could you have picked up an 'intestinal hitch-hiker'??

I believe if it is not normal for YOU, it's a good idea to investigate the reason why it's happening.

Hope you figure it out SOON!!!

~~~Heather~~~ :O)

Anonymous said...

If you are very "regular" there should be less gas than if there is an issue with (whisper)...constipation. Also, if you are about to start or are having your period, there may be more odor than after.
Onions? That stuff makes for some pretty bad ones.