Sunday, January 1, 2012


Not my Powerball numbers
Not the winning lottery numbers.

Not the secret code to unlock the Mayan calendar.
These are just numbers that define my post today.

Today is  the 1st day of
two thousand 12
My top weight was once 385 pounds
My weight is now 168 pounds
I want to lose 20 pounds
over the next 366 days.

Speaking of the Mayan calendar,
has anyone turned it over to see if,
instead of it ending in 2012,
it is continued on the other side?



Maren said...

Haha, I love that, maybe it is continued on the other side! :D

Carbzilla said...

Hi Jane - I want to lose 20 lbs too. I know we can do this! (mostly since I've done it before). Happy New Year!

Fatoutofskinny said...

Just getting caught up......Happy New Year.
I'd be interested in the sugar free butter bear recipe

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

Newsflash: Anthropologists are chagrined today as a bulldozer turned over the massive stone Mayan calendar and discovered it continues for another several hundred years. "I guess we're not doomed, after all," said Janet Smithy, lead anthropologist and Mayan translation expert. "We got 500 more years. It's all good."

; )

Happy New Year!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

If you can get down to the 160's you can definitely lose those 20 lbs in the next 12 months. You've got this one! Best of luck in 2012.

Cenandra said...

You can do it Jane!!! The last 10 or 20 are the hardest especially after maintaining for so long.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Love it.

20 pounds sounds do-able, I'm sure you have it in you!

Mom on a mission said...

I know you can do it:) best of luck to you!

Lisa said...

Funny! We better get on our goals FAST. Since the world is ending soon and all. :)

Jane Cartelli said...

Lisa, it is NOT ending until you and I have our best sellers up for movie deals. THEN the world will end - or hell will freeze - something like that.

Jane Cartelli said...

Julie - Sugar free butterbeer recipe is on my blog. Just click the recipe page tab.

Carbzilla - Let's make this the year we lose those 20 pounds forever.

Princess - 500 more years? OK, now I can relax.

Karen, Sheri, Maren, MomMission & Steph - thank you for your encouragement. It takes a village to loose the last 20 pounds. Thank you for being part of my village.

that TOPS lady said...

Jane, thanks for always leaving such positive comments on my blog :) thank you!

Also, thanks for being willing to be my accountability mentor if mine is not available!

Actually, I have been drinking 132 ounces of water for several months now....It seems to be a good fit for me :)

Have a great day and keep being awesome! :)

Jane Cartelli said...

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and support! You know my favorite expression: Together we get better!