Friday, January 20, 2012

Wanted: HELP

HELP! Creative founder of event company well known for spreading pixie dust these past 14+ years, (that's me), seeks experienced, patient, reputable and kind WEBSITE DESIGNER/BUILDER who would be willing help make over my wheezing, archaic, battered business site and bring it into this century. My funds are low but I am very willing to barter for your services in exchange for our highly praised event services and/or room decorating for you and your family. Not going to Disney but interested?  I will be happy to donate services to special guests of your choice, including pixie shadowing for families who need that extra help around the parks due to illnesses and special needs.

Go to and email me from there.

You are saying "What the Fudge does this have to do with keeping the pounds off? She has gone off her freak'n rocker!

Well, my rocker is debatable but this DOES have to do with keeping the pounds off. I am currently in the Hate Loss Challenge on Ellen's site. This week's challenge is to get outside my comfort zone. My comfort zone keeps me doing what I am doing, even if it is not the best choice, because I am comfortable. I have been nursing along this website which has been sadly in need of new technology and design for over 10 years. It is PAST time to get it done and I have been uncomfortable asking for help outside of those I know intimately. It is time to shake the trees and ASK FOR HELP.

Asking for help takes me out of my comfort zone. If I am willing to do it for this than I can also be willing to do it when I need help with food issues, exercise issues, health issues and even emotional and spiritual issues. Asking for help is not weak and it is not pathetic. It is the feeling of being vulnerable that makes it hard to do. Today I need to embrace the concept that feeling vulnerable is not a negative thing.

If I do not spread my wings I cannot fly. It is time to soar.

Please feel free to pass along this want ad or link to anyone who might be interested and has the qualifications to build a site from the ground up and can then teach me what I need to know to do the daily updates as needed.

Isn't it time for you to soar? What can you ask for help with today?



Vickie said...

Jennette Fulda
(formerly known as Pasta Queen)



might have ideas for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

I so hope you find someone to help you with updating your Gifts of a Lifetime website!!

I think, no not 'think', I NEED to step out of MY comfort zone with FOOD. I find comfort in food, and food is my company when my son and husband are doing their school/work thing during the day.

I have discovered recently, that I don't even enjoy overeating, or binge eating, it just doesn't have that pleasure factor that was once there. But I continue to do it, because that is what I am used to, am comfortable with.

I realized that I am uncomfortable with the physical feelings of hunger, and also with the notion of what to DO when I am NOT eating!? It's crazy. Eating takes up a lot of that lonely time I have during the day. UGH.

I am able to ask for help from my family, i.e. not having binge foods in the house, and they are "OK" with that. But then I feel guilty about it and buy them stuff and I turn around eat it. (yes, I am crazy) So I really sabotage myself.

Gosh, I do need help!!! You help though with your wise words. I think I need to lean on someone that is NOT family. Even if it's on the blogosphere!!!

Take care, Heather ~~~~~~

Anonymous said...

Oh OK. I thought I may have swayed you off this but...

Tell me exactly what you have and exactly what you need.

You can write me a note so you do not have to do it on the blog.

Do you have the ability to print out your code or for others to have a look at it?

Jane Cartelli said...

Vickie - tank you for the suggestions.

Heather - Our families want to help but it is too much to expect them to do for us what we need to do for ourselves. For that reason I have people I can talk to locally and on line. Keep reaching out. You CAN do this.
It has taken a long time to get to this point but I can share with you that it is worth it.