Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What I Brought Back from my Cruise

This crawled on to the picnic table
during lunch on a Caribbean Island.
No, I did not bring back an iguana or a parasite or amoebic dysentery. It is not jewelry, shells, hair braids or island souvenirs.  It is a five lousy pounds.

If I had weighed myself on the ship I could have declared the pounds at customs and asked them to be confiscated by the nice officer who let our luggage go through without incident. But I did not know about them then. I did not get on the scale in the ship's spa. I do not get on unknown scales. I trust the one I have at home and that lying, two-faced bastard of a scale is obviously in a pissy mood and decided to take it out on me reported that I am up five pounds. 

They also had loungers for two
I understand the pounds. I was on the ship seven days and worked out twice, one of which was a hike including climbing down a cliff and will be the subject of my next post. The remaining days I reclined on my saggy ass rested in the gated community section of the ship, called the Sanctuary. It is a place where you pay to keep other people away. No kids, no fellow passengers wandering by to  check the area out. It is a reserved, quiet zone on board with deeply cushioned loungers, artfully diffused sunlight, fake trees, unbelievably thick, luxurious towels, and men who spend their day spraying your face with Evian, getting you fresh fruit and cool drinks. It was a wonderful place for my husband to rest and read while I worked on my book or gazed at the ocean in between watching episodes of Little Britain on my Ipod touch. But as each day passed and I did not put on my workout shoes for another day, I got lazier and lazier about working out. Nothing puts on pounds faster than a sudden drop in activity. Unless you consider salt - 

Pineapple from someone else's cruise
The first few days the food was under seasoned and I found myself adding a little salt on day two. By day five the seasoning was adjusted in the kitchen because I did not need to add salt and I wished they would take some out. I am still using artificial sweetener and this ship had plenty of yellow packets on board. They even had a sugar free dessert every day. Too bad it was usually a creamy dessert. Not a good option for me. But they had daily fresh pineapple and I had my own dates. I could usually get some berries if I asked, but they are stingy with them. 

Why I avoid wheat
 On day four they served a lot of potatoes in various forms and many of the potatoes and all the grains were all in a creamy sauce. Not wanting to get into the sauces or potatoes but wanting my grains for the day, I had nutty grain breads at two meals and again on day six and even on the morning we disembarked. Wheat tends to bloat me (not to mention it gives me hot flashes at night). I am so grateful to be back to my home and eating my non-buttered grains and lightly seasoned vegetables again. 

Not my bread basket
I know these pounds will drop off in a few days. This is false weight, caused when a body consumes carbs it does not normally have. Between salt and wheat and lounging around on loungers, I know where they came from. I know they fall away within 4 days. I can beat my head against the wall and cry foul or I can accept them and move on. I could not do that if I continued my lazy days of lounging without adjusting my food. Today I am back to my normal, gentle exercise and my usual grains and seasoning. 

What matters is what I do today. We cannot change yesterday, We cannot let yesterday lock us into a bad today. If you had a lousy day with poor food choices yesterday or even this morning - do not let it take you into a pit of overeating for the rest of today. Don't kid yourself into thinking "I already blew this morning, I might as well eat what I want today and start over tomorrow. It is too easy to live that way and repeat that act over and over and over again. That behavior tends to repeat itself again and again. Do you want to be where you are today in a year? I know I want something better.  Let go of the negative choices and choose to eat well just for today. 



Vickie said...

I can be up 5lbs from salt alone. You are right, it will turn right around if you are very careful. good for you to catch it right away. it is easy to see how people are up 20+ pounds in the blink of an eye. And I have been reading a lot of bloggers who wish they were where they were a year ago. A lot of gainers this year for some reason.

KCLAnderson (Karen) said...

I've been on one cruise in my life and if I don't go on another, that is fine with me. But if, for some reason, I am forced to take another one? I will pay for the sanctuary!! Love that idea!

And I'm with Vicki...those five pounds will be history soon!

I am embarking on a wheat-free diet as we speak. What I hope to find is that I am less achy and that I sleep better.

E. Jane said...

I have always found my vacations to be a mixed blessing, because of my weight and food issues. But we cannot live in a vacuum, or we will not learn and live during our lives on this earth. We have to experience things, and even though we may do our best, the outcomes may not be exactly as we hoped or thought they would be. Five pounds after a cruise is likely just water weight from salt and eating differently (not necessarily more than usual). The food are prepared differently and likely contain more fat and salt than our home cooked foods. The pounds will come off, because you know what to do and how to do it. But savor the lovely memories of the trip, as you adjust to real life again.

Fatoutofskinny said...

Amen...glad you had a relaxing time and enjoyed yourself.
Welcome back to the grind stone!!!

candace said...

I lost 30 pounds in 3 months... That was 6 months ago, and my maintenance program is helping me to keep it off, and to top it off, I didn't & still don't feel starved!!! Because of the new found energy, I've been doing things I haven't been able to do in years. I have now started walking (about the last two weeks) and started with .93 miles and am up to 2.75 miles (this morning), and this in itself has been energizing. I say thank you Herbalife for the help, I haven’t been this energized or healthy in a lot of years… Let me know if I can be of help to anyone.
herbalongs@live.com or www.herbalongs.blogspot.com

Leslie said...

Thanks for this post, Jane. Sounds like a relaxing vacation, and a brief weight gain such as yours is to be expected. I appreciate your calmness in talking about it and your confidence in knowing that it will soon be gone. Your journey is an inspiration to me as I struggle to just get a sequence of clean days together. I've been going back and reading some of your archive, and it's helpful. Welcome home ;)

Melanie said...

5 pounds from junk food = not worth it
5 pounds from sanctuary = worth it, especially when it will come off very quickly. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I really needed your last paragraph. I am going to copy it and put it up on my cupboard door to remind myself how important it is. Thank you again.


Anonymous said...

That last paragraph is what gets me through sometimes. I used to use "screw ups" as a license to overeat for some period of time, now I can mostly just let it go and determine whether I can/should look at why I did what I did without socking it to myself. Sometimes I can't do that so I just have to let it go and move on.

Those five pounds will come right off.

I want a sanctuary. What a great idea on a cruise ship. Hope you got lots done on your book - the lure of that guy on Little Britain begging for his mothers breast milk is a mighty lure.

Anonymous said...

ps - I have often wished for amoebic dysentery. Really. Call me pathetic. My brother in law had it a while back and got so SO thin. He came to our house to try to gain weight. LOL I bought him a 20 pound bag of trail mix as part of his get healthy regime and guess who ate the bag?

Sarah said...

Your last paragraph is spot on - and great to remind myself that tomorrow is always a new day. I have a nasty habit of overeating for a whole day if I have a treat in the morning, but I can generally put it behind me once the day is over.

Also I can get carried away with planning healthy eating "for the future" when as you say all that is needed is to choose to eat well today, one day at a time.

Jane Cartelli said...

Vickie - I have a thought on the why so many this year that I will be posting soon. It combines with my idea of why this next week seems to be the time people start faltering after great starts.

KCLA Karen - The next time we cruise I will only agree to get on the ship if it has a sanctuary. It was worth it. I hope a no-wheat zone gives you the same results it gives me.

E. Jane - Great wisdom in your comment. The only vacuum in my life is the one where compulsive eating sucks away everything else worthwhile in my life.

Julie - Yeah, the grindstone . . . but on a bright note: if I grind away enough at it maybe I can take another cruise. . . .

Leslie - That calmness is me practicing my balance. When I overreact to anything I have to fight the imbalance by over compensating in the other direction and so on. I use to do that with food: too much sweet, have more salty, then sweet again. Too much crunch, have some creamy, then mix the creamy with the crunch . . . . let me know if you have any questions from reading the archives.

Melanie - Very worth it. :-)

Melody - I am honored to be on your cupboard door. It sure beats being on the bottom of the birdcage. LOL

Jane Cartelli said...

Munchie - Bitty cracks me up but I think Marjorie Dawes and the FatFighters makes me pee my pants laughing - just dont call me Bubbles, dah-ling.

On amoebic dysentery - If you are pathetic then so am I. I never thought it would be a 'bad' thing to get it when I was more than 200 pounds overweight. Of course it can destroy your health just as easily as a skinny persons, because that isn't fat being ejected from the body. I guess we will have to find another way. . . .

Sarah - If I find myself planning my food more than 1 day in advance I am in trouble. It is a warning sign for me. There is no such thing has compensating all week so I can party on Saturday or all of December so I can let go on Christmas. I tried it. It does not work for me. I know there are people who do it and report great success. That just has not been my experience.

Smart said...

I could not do that if I continued my lazy days of lounging without adjusting my food. Today I am back to my normal, gentle exercise and my usual grains and seasoning. see story