Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Eat and Run

Setting the scene: I work out on a treadmill with a TV and DVD player. I cannot bear to be on the 'mill without something to watch. On a cruise ship I can look out at the watch while listening to my iPod music but at home the treadmill faces a wall - boring. I have a large collection of DVDs and I enjoy changing up what I am watching whenever I want. 

I like the movie Julie/Julia (or is it Julia/Julie?). It is about Julia Child and Julie Powell: their lives and their food. A lot of food. You do not watch this movie on an empty stomach. I do not watch this movie when I am unbalanced or unsettled. The butter scenes alone can drive me to distraction, so I have to be in a good space to enjoy it as entertainment and not as porn. I don't usually 'watch' the movie. When I play it, it is usually background noise for when I am working. I can look up when I want to and look away when I don't. 

This week I made a new game out of this movie and I call it "Eat and Run." Every time someone on the screen is eating food, I have to go from walking on the treadmill to running and I have to run until that scene is over, even if they are no longer putting food into their mouths.

Let me tell you, there is a lot of eating going on in this movie. I was huffing and puffing through some of the scenes that went on a little long. I did the first half of the movie on Monday, did a 5K walk outdoors yesterday and will be doing the second half of the movie later today. I hope they eat a little less in the second half. My feet do not like me today. 

To keep on keeping the pounds off I need to change things up a bit and not get into the same exercise rut day in and day out. Not knowing when I am going to need to start running means my mind has to stay alert to the scenes and my body has to be constantly ready. Sometimes eating scenes follow each other with only seconds in between. It definitely made for a different experience. This kind of eating on the run is good for the body. I m thinking of trying this with a Guy Fieri show. Come to think of it, that would probably kill me. . . . 

What could you do to get your body psyched during an otherwise mundane workout? 



Lisa said...

I'm impressed that watching food shows or movies about food don't make you crazy! I like your run thing.

I have to watch tv at the gym on the treadmill or elliptical because it's so boring. However, I cannot watch the Food Network or shows about food. It makes me crazy and hungry!

Kelliann said...

I love your game! There is always LOTS of eating on TV and in movies, so it'll always be a workout!
Thanks for the tough love yesterday... needed it.

Anonymous said...

"so I have to be in a good space to enjoy it as entertainment and not as porn" Oh ho that made me laugh and I totally feel the same way!

What a freaking great idea to run when they eat. That is darn near genius!

I cannot watch Food TV anymore and I have to limit the food oriented sites I go to - even if it is healthy cooking since I am not immune to overeating even celery.

I sometimes run during the chorus of a song. So I walk, run, walk, run. Sometimes I do the opposite if I am feeling spunky.

Vickie said...

there are a couple movies (can't remember which ones) where a word triggers a drink for everyone playing (college kids). Loved your food triggering a run.

Jane Cartelli said...

Lisa, made me crazy for a while, too. I know I am in a better place today because it does not cause my brain squirrels to start flapping their tails. When it does, I change the channel.

Kelliann - Anytime~

Munchie - I do that with songs, too - and commercials on TV.

Vickie - Thank God I never played that game in school. I would have been a statistic .