Friday, February 17, 2012

Eat This, Not That - NOT

It is not a game
if you can die
I just watched a segment on NBC's Today show with the author of Eat this/Not that., David Zinczenko. The suggestions for "Eat This" were so egregious the segment should have been saved for April Fools Day. 

When his first book came out I thought he had some good ideas for options but I also thought he was too involved in keeping people where they were. There was too much corporate elbow rubbing going on. If the food choices are so unhealthy at an establishment that you need a book to navigate the menu to save your life, perhaps it would make more sense to get up and leave for a place with healthier food? 

All roads that lead to fast food places also lead away from them. 
~I said that 

I will be sharing my full review of the fast food breakfast choices he listed, on this week's SoapBox Sunday post. I will add a link here once that posts on Sunday. In the meantime, please do not go to Burger King and eat their Double Bacon Croissant with hash browns (the Eat This choice), and call it the "healthy choice" in your day. 



Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

Good point: lesser of two evils is still evil.

E. Jane said...

I'll be waiting to read your comments. Coming from someone like you, who has successfully lost a great deal of weight, gets my attention.

Vickie said...

loved your quote, added it to my Monday quotes, however I am currently in the middle of 2017, so it will be a while before it pops up. . .

Over 40? - So What! said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I almost bought his first book, but borrowed it from the library instead. Boy, am I glad I did.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who just won't give up their fast food joints, even when they know it's killing them.

I really enjoy your blog. Just found it (thanks to Jack Sh*t). I like the way you write.

that TOPS lady said...

Exactly. I have TOPS members turn in their food dairy to me (thinking they will eat healthier, knowing someone is reading it). Recently someone wrote that they had something like :A big mac, a small fries and a medium chocolate malt-- and they were PROUD because they had gotten the SMALL fries instead of medium and the medium shake instead of large. I was thinking "really? seriously? You are proud of this meal?"

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so looking forward to Sunday. I HATE those books. And just as a toss in - being the editor of Men's health does not make you an expert. I think if he was in a truthful moment Zinczenko would agree with me.

These books are... oh I think I will let you take the first stab!

I wonder how much money this guy has made off these dumbarsey books. I wonedr how much weight has been gained, how many heart attacks have been had by folks using this as their excuse bible.

Vickie said...

do you have link for JuJu's husband's blog please?

Jane Cartelli said...

Vickie - Thats okay, I will look forward to it for the next 5 years!

Over 40 - I believe they won't give it up even when they know it is killing them because they have an addiction and have not figured out that the help they need must come from outside themselves and inside their being, too.

TOPS Lady - this is where total abstinence from certain food behaviors was essential in my success at maintaining. That and understanding and accepting that the goal can never be to go back and eat wantonly and still maintain. It is impossible. I cringe when people say "I don't want to eat wantonly, I just want to eat what I want to eat." and then they forget that 'just eating what they wanted to eat" led them to be 200,300, 400, 500 pounds.

Munchie - He makes $ to be sure, but probably not as much as you think from the books. More from appearances at conventions, etc. As to the number of people who have continued to kill themselves based on the choices offered - it makes my cry.

Vickie - sent it to you on your blog.

Beau said...

It can be rather helpful though when stuck to know of some good things, but I agree there are places with much safer options for the concerned