Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Funny Valentine

Just a note before the story: If you are eating dark chocolate, let's be honest and say you are having it because you want a piece of chocolate, not because 'it's good for me.' When it comes to dark chocolate, do the research, including who paid for which study and what was actually tested. You can get what is "good" for you from other plant products, without sugar, other fats and sodium. The studies do not suggest the only way to get healthy is to eat dark chocolate. We only think chocolate is as necessary as the air we breath. 

My Funny Valentine 2012

How many years did I send my husband mixed messages? I would say 'only get me a small box of chocolates so I don't eat too much' and then when he did what I asked I would pout that it wasn't bigger and want more. Then I would say: Don't buy me sugar! Don't buy my candy! You do this to me! Don't tempt me! Don't, don't don't! The next year he would go out the door Valentine's Day morning and I would be say "Don't bring me candy!" On television, the talk shows would feature all the different chocolate companies and their chocolate offerings that year and when Larry walked in the door that evening with beautiful flowers and something from a jewelry store,  I would pout and be indignant "You didn't get me a chocolate heart??" And he would go back out for what was left on the shelves because it was easier to placate me then it was for him to just tell me I was an indecisive bitch. 

One year he bought me two boxes of the sugar free chocolates I wanted ; one milk, one dark. Ick, sugar free chocolates - the next day I bought my own Russell Stover heart shaped box at half price so I could get 'the good stuff.' It got to where he would buy a box and hide it, since he never knew what I was going to want by 'the witching hour' each February 14th. All he wanted to do was make me happy and he didn't know how to say no to me when it came to food. This behavior (on both our parts) went on and on for the first twenty-three Valentines Day's we shared as a married couple.

For the past six Valentine's Days our world has been more peaceful. I don't have to ask and he doesn't have to guess. He no longer gives me love as food and I no longer seek that love in a heart shaped box. I cannot believe how much happier I am without chocolate covered candy-love. 

On to 2012: Yesterday one of my husband's clients sent him a thank you in the form of four heart-shaped boxes of chocolates with a note to share it with his staff. He has one secretary. She took only one box. He now had three more boxes of chocolates (good stuff). At dinner last night he asked me what he should do with the three extra boxes We looked at each other and laughed, both remembering past years of chocolate tantrums and secure in the knowledge that this would not trigger another. He had no fear I would say "gimme!"and I knew anything in a heart shaped box would never equal the love I find in my husbands eyes. 

I hope on this Happy Heart Day you are keeping the pounds off and loving your life more. 

Loving Larry since 1980


Karen said...

I'm sure I have confused the heck out of my poor husband over the years.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

We've come to a general agreement about chocolate as a gift; better quality chocolate, smaller portions.

Jane Cartelli said...

Jack - yeah, but not for me. Oh I tried it and it worked - for a while. I think it worked for two whole years. Then there came the day I had to admit it wasn't working anymore. That small portion wasn't so small anymore. But I am not wanting. Today I enjoy many delicious recipes with Cocoa powder or quality chocolate bars that do not contain any sweetener.

downsizers said...

I forget where I read this but to get the benefits of chocolate they said to make cocoa for yourself with skim milk and cocoa (not the premix stuff) - I sweetened it with stevia, added a little cinnamon and a dab of vanilla and it wasn't half bad.

Anonymous said...

I found myself reaching for chocolate chips. So I asked hubby to get little squares of good chocolate and promise only to give me one a day if I ask for it. No suggesting or asking and no giving me any more than one. So far so good. SOmetimes I remember, sometimes I don't, but if I did not have them there it might plague me. BUT
chocolate is not a huge problem. I had to also make him hide the dried apricots until my desire for them waned.

Don;t we have wonderful guys who so lovingly put up with our wackadoodleness?

I love the pic of you and Larry.

Jane Cartelli said...

Munchie: Chocolate itself does not bother me. Chocolate with milk fat, chocolate with sugar - oh yeah, I can be in trouble.

I like the cocoa powder in my avocado shakes - which aren't really shakes, they are thick like pudding.