Friday, February 24, 2012

There's Gold in Fridays

TGIF -Thank God It's Friday, (the saying or the restaurant), can also mean other things:

  • Thank God I'm Female
  • Take God in Faith
  • Too Great in Fat
  • Twisted Goats Invade Florida
  • That Goes In Fat
  • The Greek is Fage (as in yogurt)
  • This Gunk Isn't Fair

I've read 'never post something you want other people to read on Fridays because no one reads blogs on Fridays.' So since no one is reading, I can post anything I want. Today I will call it There's Gold in Fridays because you never know what Friday will bring - from Twisted Goats to Fage Greek yogurt. 

Here are the Obesity/Weight Loss/Dieting headlines from this past week that make me say DUH! Hope you get a chuckle or two reading them.

Maybe now that joint pain is linked
to obesity, they can use obese people
in the ads and give the fit models
some time off. 
OBESITY LINKED TO JOINT PAIN - DUH! No kidding. How about a headline reading "Obesity linked to eating too much."

DUH, tell us something we don't already know! If the guidelines were universally correct the battle against obesity would have been won a long time ago.

DUH, I don't think so. I have an advanced degree in my own body and after maintaining a 220 lb weight loss this long, I have earned tenure. What the experts may know is wrong. If you want to know how to diet, talk to the people who are keeping the pounds off.

Now on to a serious note:
On Tuesday, February 28th, at 12 noon in San Francisco, California , there will be a discussion on food addiction featuring published author and fellow blogger Michael Prager. Michael is the author of Fat Boy, Thin Man. His website/blog is . In addition to Michael, the panel includes:

Michael Prager, Author, Fat Boy Thin Man
Nicole Avena, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Eric Stice, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist, Oregon Research Institute
Dr. Vera Ingrid Tarman, MD., MSc., FCEP, CASAM, Medical Director, Renascent
Elissa Epel, Ph.D., Associate Professor, UCSF Department of Psychiatry
Robert H. Lustig, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, in the Division of Endocrinology at UCSF.

The flyer reads:
Addiction is about brains, not just about behaviors. We all have the brain reward circuitry that makes food rewarding; it’s a survival mechanism. In a healthy brain, these rewards have feedback mechanisms for satiety or "‘enough." For some, the circuitry becomes dysfunctional such that the message becomes "more." Michael Prager, author of Fat Boy Thin Man, will begin the discussion telling his very personal story of recognizing and then seeking treatment for his food addiction. Leading researchers and clinicians will discuss many aspects of this important topic

MLF: Health and Medicine
Location: SF Club Office
Times: 11:30 a.m. check-in, 12:00-3:00 p.m. program
$25 standard, $15 members

Have a great Friday!



Vickie said...

I was amused by the concept of writing to one's audience instead of writing for oneself (the Friday numbers thing).

I think stats watching falls in line with enabling (bloggers are reinforced to have a line of thinking based on numbers/comments) when they are really fixated on large numbers.

Good post.

Jane Cartelli said...

Thanks Vickie - I like to post whatever I want but there have been subjects when I thought I would time the post to when people will have an interest in reading it. My purpose in this blog is to share the message: we can do this without surgery, pills or commercial plans. I have my daily journal for my Just Me and God writing. That is mine alone although somedays I carry it into a post.

Over 40? - So What! said...

Jane, you're right about Fridays. I still can't figure out the why of it, but I also throw in some of my wilder ideas on Friday when I know not too many readers will take me to task for them.

I love your blog, by the way. Read it every day (even Friday).

Caron said...

I'm reading as usual. Have a great weekend. :)

KCLAnderson (Karen) said...

If you know me you know I don't follow "rules" ;-)

Twisted Goats Invade Florida?? Love it!

How about, Tiny Gremlins Inside Flutes?

And as far as the guidelines go? That's something else I don't follow. One of my favorite sayings is, "for every expert there's an equal and opposite expert." So while you may be an expert on your body, you can't be an expert on mine...only I can. It's not that I won't listen to advice, but in the end, only I can determine whether it works for me...and, only I can't define the word "works." Some of us are gluten intolerant, some of us are lactose intolerant some of us are neither...some of us used to tolerate lactose and now no longer can...some thrive and lose by cutting back on carbs, some don't, and so on and so forth.

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

~~If you want to know how to diet, talk to the people who are keeping the pounds off.~~

Oh, yeah, do I agree with that. I always want to hear from gals (and guys) like YOU who are doing it. DOING it year in and year out. Not just done it...then regain. Done it again, then regain. I'm all about keeping an eye on those maintainers...:) I wish more of you posted EVERY DAY!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Pfft. to not writing what you want on any day. My thoughts are not that freaking precious.

I read when I read and what I read because I want to.

Take God in Faith
Try Grapefruit Insteada Fruitloops
Target Goblins in Forests
Trade Goosh infor Firmness.

You know me. Creative word licensing.

Have a great weekend.

bbubblyb said...

I really enjoyed going to Michael's blog and reading some :) thanks for pointing me that way. As for reading on Friday, I read when I find the time :) Always read your blog so doesn't matter what day it is :)

E. Jane said...

I'm reading too, even though it's Friday and I am having technical difficulty. Enjoy your weekend!

Electronic Medical Records said...

I am sure obesity is obviously harmful for the body and it takes a toll on the bones...many obese people develop arthritis.

Jane Cartelli said...

What great comments everyone has today!

Over 40 - as your new Just50 friend, I want to say I enjoy your comments. I think Friday is going to be my day to kick back and be fun. Sundays are my preach and whine day.

Caron - I know you are there~ and always so positive!

KLCC - Love your continuation on the TGIF theme. I am going to use every one of these and Munchberries suggestions on future Fridays. I appreciate your perspective and I love youcalso shared on a theme I am always trying to sharem but that you had what I think is a typo in it:

"... in the end, only I can determine whether it works for me...and, only I can't define the word "works."

I think you meant only I can define the word 'works."

My thought is that the definition for works is this:
I am not gaining weight. My life is full and I am enjoying all aspects of my life without obsessing over the next meal, snack, bite; and the squirrels in my head do not run the show." That is a plan that works for me. Anything else is not working.

Princess - I always look to your posts, too. Tenacity is a virtue in this life we want to live without excess weight!

Munchie - Once you post something in comments it becomes mine to use and abuse. :-) I am going to use every one of your TGIF ideas on future Fridays. And creative word licensing - what a fabulous idea!

Dawn - I am glad you posted again recently. I miss when you are quiet. If you decide to do a private blog on your PS I hope you will share some with me, I really want to know more of how everything went for you.

E. Jane- I hope your last day here in the Sunshine state was as lovely as you hoped!

EME - yep, that is why I thought the headline was a DUH moment.

KCLAnderson (Karen) said...

Yep...that was definitely a "typo". And my definition of "works" is similar to yours!

Rida said...

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