Monday, February 13, 2012

WAKE up Call

We do not (usually) meet in person
We do not watch each other's kids, pets, or plants
We do not visit each other in trying times
Yet, we call each other friends ~

We are the twenty-first century version of pen-pals. Sometimes there is depth in our 'friendships. Sometimes we are just voyeurs in each other's lives. In that way we are the same as face to face friends; not close with everyone but at times closer than we even realize. 

I thank you for the times you save my sanity by sharing things with me even my face-to-face friends do not share. I thank you for the words of encouragement and thought provoking sharing. Even though we may never meet, I can call you my friend because I care enough to see how you are doing and want the best for you, as you take a precious moment out of your day to see if I am okay, too - and we do it without speaking contemptuously to other or hoping to beat the other in this game of life. 

Sometimes that is all you need to start a beautiful friendship. I know I would not be keeping the pounds off if my life did not include sharing your journey, even if just a tiny bit. 



me said...

I'm so grateful for all the friends I've made and all the support that I constantly get in the blogosphere too :)

downsizers said...

I agree. It is helpful just not to feel alone. We find that others have obstacles much bigger than our own and we end up helping them which in turn helps us. I love to read the writing of others. Some are better than others but it is all from the heart and belongs to them. As we read and comment, a bond is created and whether we ever meet in person or not is really not important because the well wishes and encouragement are still there. We care about each other because know how each other feels. The burden is lifted and therefore lighter because it is shared.

MizFit said...

oh that cartoon.
very much resonated here this morning!

KCLAnderson (Karen) said...

I made my first online friends way back in was a group of women who called themselves the second wives club and we bonded very tightly...and we're still very close today!

Then there are the friends I made through eDiets. And now blogging!

And it's interesting how the various online sites and methods for connecting have changed and gotten more sophisticated too.

Love the cartoon!

downsizers said...

I read your comment over at Al's. He hasn't put mine up yet as I referred to his "piling on" technique as others joined him in victimizing a fellow blogger. This isn't the first time he has done this to her. It was complete with name calling and profanity. I thought he was over the line and then he hides behind wanting the best for everybody. His self-appointed diet sheriff attitude is becoming tiresome.

Jane Cartelli said...

Downsizers - He crosses a line I hope to God I will never cross. I think sending people to another site to laugh at such things is like the school yard bully who instigates others to join his taunts.

People should remember that the person directing them to laugh at others was himself into the food (again) just a short time ago. When they were passing out the compassion gene I think he was off eating in he corner.

Jane Cartelli said...
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