Friday, February 3, 2012

Weight Loss Results for Jan' 2012

I have a goal for 2012 of losing the remaining 20 extra pounds, which once lost, will be is 8.333% of the total pounds off. I figured a goal of losing 2 pounds per pound it reasonable. The most important thing is to stay healthy and not regain any of the pounds already lost. I am very happy to say that I met the goal for January and lost the first 2 pounds. I was worried when I got back from the cruise five pound heavier that perhaps my body would lose the five pounds but not drop more. Four of the five pounds came right off within a day or two. The last pound held on for dear life, pissing me off to no end. 

I am so stubborn I even refused to work out until all five pounds were gone because I needed to prove to myself (my insane self?) that it was truly water and glycogen and not fat. When the final pound came off I returned to official exercise (official means I put on my magical exercise shoes and work out clothes as opposed to taking a walk in clothes I wear everywhere else). 

During the last week of January the pound came off and by Feb 1st I had lost an additional 2.2 pounds. The 2/10th of a pound was back on today, which is neither here nor there. I do not freak over ounces unless they pile together into multiple pounds. 

Speaking of ounces:  If I lost one ounce a day - just one ounce, I would lose an additional 20.7 pounds in 2012. Now, I am not going to sit around counting down an ounce to day, nor am I going to consider a week a disaster if my weight goes up 4 ounces. That would be insanity. If you want a very good idea of why that would be insanity, please read this article. It is by Renee Cloe, ACE Certified Personal Trainer. It gives a great explanation of why scales 'lie.' 

I am very happy to be keeping an extra two pounds off. Now let's see if February will play nice.



downsizers said...

It should be easier since there won't be a cruise. We get into a mindset of "oh there's plenty of time". Get those two pounds off quickly and then keep them off as well for the rest of February. Take care.

Maren said...

Stubborn is definitely good in this context! :) You can do this!

Anonymous said...

Clapping for your success!

Vickie said...

I have always ignored the points after the whole number. Agree totally.

In fact I have always made sure I had a scale that weighed in whole numbers only until now.

All the foreign kids through my house in the past year flipped my scale to metric so many times that it got stuck there. I gave it to someone who likes to think in metric and bought a new one.

the new one does include half pounds, which I ignore. (there was not one scale available which weighed in whole numbers only).

The new one weighs 3 pounds heavy. I am delighted (post coming one of these days). I take all the help I can get and I consider that to be a help.

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

Skinny folks (ie, never fat) that I have known naturally fluctuate about 2-3 pounds, and only get worried about having to watch calories and cut back on dessert, etc, if they're over their normal 3 lbs or so range. 5 pounds would set off huge alarms for them.

Normal folks fluctuate, that's just how it is, even if calories never go up....but I hate when the fluctuation is UP more than 1/5 pounds. That's like my psychological thing...even when I know it was the FETA or not sleeping enough or not getting a good morning poo. ; )

Anyway, you're meeting your goals. And THAT always feels amazing. :D

Happy ounces off, ounce by ounce and pound by puond....