Saturday, March 24, 2012

Being Haunted by a Blog

Halloween is too far away and this isn't an April Fools joke. I have to share this very crazy experience of being haunted by a blog that would not go away.

A few posts ago I wrote about a blog I was removing from my blog roll and my Google Reader. No public following, no private following, no stalking. I was removing the blog because it is all about recipes but written by someone who originally wanted to save her health and that of her family - and is now baking pastries, pies, and bacon soaked veggies. I wasn't getting anything from that blog and I wasn't able to give anything to the author. I needed to disconnect. 

I follow a few blogs that are all about food - but only when the focus of the blog was not and is not weight maintenance/loss. I like to keep these two worlds separate. 

So I unsubscribed and thought nothing else of it. But the next day it was back on my Google reader again. I unsubscribed again. The next day it was back again. Now I was confused. I sat that with a Tween who could correctly direct me through the process. I unsubscribed. Mission accomplished. An then yesterday it was back again. I unsubscribed over 10 times from that blog yesterday. Nine times it came back on my list the next time I opened the reader. 

I thought about it. Was I being sent a message? Was I destined to find a way to reach this person with some celestial wisdom only I could give to her? Laughed my ass off at that one. 

I finally figured it out, after many attempts and hours and now the blog is finally off my reader list and has remained off since yesterday. I cannot tell you what I did differently to make it work. By then it was getting too ridiculously funny. What matters is it is off my list and soon will be out of my thoughts. 

On the keeping the pounds off front I am enjoying a good day. My cousin Alex (barely 40) had his 4th major open heart surgery last week. He has had value problems since his teens. After this surgery his heartbeat remained way too fast, between 90 and 140 while at rest. Today they got his heart shocked back into a normal rhythm and he will be going home in another day or two. His sister Marianna (and her partner) gave birth to twins today: a girl and a boy. Later in the day I enjoyed a loving phone call with my sister. All in all it was a good day and I am no longer being haunted.



♥ Drazil ♥ said...

That's kind of creepy! Glad you figured it out.

Vickie said...

it is kind of creepy.

and I read someone else talking about the 'positive' benefits of bacon yesterday, it must be part of their mantra.

Caron said...

I had the exact same word (creepy) go through my mind as I read this. I usually delete people who quit blogging and consider it housekeeping for my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day. I will keep your cousin in my prayers - regular heart beat please!

I too need to do blogwatch maintenance. Blogger has some eccentricities - like making some of their own bloggers as spam when they comment on others blogs. Maddening.

Mrs Swan said...

I had this happen recently too and I *think I figured it out. I had about 4 I had tried to delete several times that kept popping back up. What I finally did that seems to have stopped it is I went into my blogger profile where the blogs I am subscribed to (reading list under my blog stuff on and deleted them from there. They have not popped up again since then.