Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Way of Living With Food

My way of living with food has nothing to do with the person next to me in bed or on line at the post office. It has nothing to do with the person ringing up my purchase at Macy's or the clients at work. It is not determined by what other people do.

My way of living with food has nothing to do with the level of my vacation enjoyment or the mode of transportation I use to get there. It has nothing to do with the weather forecast, height of the tides or the speed of the wind. It is not determined by Mother Nature's whims.

My way of living with food has nothing to do with anyone else's enjoyment of food  It does not mean my family can only eat what I eat. It is not a personal insult against your cooking or your Grandma Bubbe's recipes. It is not an attack on your upbringing, your culture or your ethnic cuisine. It is not determined someone else's menu. 

My way of living with food has nothing to do with the livelihood of anyone connected with food. I do not expect Nathan's to stop selling hot dogs and fries or Dunkin Donuts to stop opening franchises. I do not mace fried-food hawkers at the county fair or the ice cream vendors at theme parks. I do not hold book burnings for the cookbooks of famous chefs. It is not determined by the marketplace. 

My way of living with food is a top priority in my life. Cherishing it and not playing with its boundaries is what lets me be a better child of my Creator, a better woman, wife, mother, friend, neighbor, boss and all-around human being. Not perfect - just better. 

My way of living with food is a covenant between my mind, body, soul and Spiritual Being. A covenant is an agreement. I will not eat certain foods. I will not eat a certain way. In return, I am free of the insanity of overeating addiction-stoking foods. I am not perfect - and I do not need to be perfect. Perfectionism is just another manifestation of the illness that leads to compulsive overeating. 


As noun: An agreement
Synonyms: agreement, contract, pact, treaty, company

Why do people change what is working? Why do they choose to stop doing what has worked for a few weeks or a few months what is still working? Why the self-sabotage? Is it because they do not yet consider their way of living with food to be a top priority in their lives?

Don't give me any of that malarkey about how God and children come first. Of course they do! But if you are using them as the excuse to overeat or eat crap, it is a disservice to offspring, God and self. God does not demand that you overeat and your kids are not force feeding you Twinkies. Your kids are not in charge of your self control. God does not encourage you to reward yourself with excess anything - except love. 

If I keep my priorities straight I never have to fear the next meal or the day after. 

What do you need to make a healthy covenant with your food? 



Norma said...

The quickest route to failure is giving up what we really want for what we want right now. Whomever said that first hit the nail on the head. Losing sight of the long term goal for a brief moment of instant gratification (often followed by regret...and/or more poor choices) is the repeated downfall of the many.

Karen said...

Deciding not to eat wheat, processed sugar and stick to it has made all the difference. Once I treated obesity as the life threatening, chronic disease that it is, I made my convenant with food and I'm sticking to it.

Life is rich, in recovery mode. Great post today, Jane.

Karen P

bbubblyb said...

Great post Jane, it's so true too that people (including me at times) decides that I can do this another way when I do know what works for me and has always. I know that first piece of anything will send me off the edge so I have to stay strong and not have it. It's about keeping my mind strong that's what makes a healthy covenant with food for me.

Judy said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! I really needed to read this today.

Kelliann said...

I love this post. I am tired of using excuses. Because excuses only lead to insanity. And, inside, I know it's just an excuse. I can't hide from myself, so I have to rid myself of the behavior that would promote me to do this.
I don't know if this makes sense - but your post makes TONS of sense.

Over 40? - So What! said...

As always, you have a way of cutting through all the crappy excuses and getting right to the core of the problem. Since I made a decision to re-think my eating patterns, I have been able to lose my excess weight and keep it off for over three years now.

Anonymous said...

Live with no regrets. I ask myself before I eat anything, "Will I regret this later?" And if the answer is yes, it doesn't go in. Then I can spend time enjoying life and not beating myself up for what I put in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

I keep my covenant by maintaining/remembering/concentrating on my determination and goals. By remembering whose temple I am supposed to be keeping clean ans sprucing up. It is when I forget these things or put myself in idle that the bad creeps into the weak spots.

I know I am not perfect. I know I will slip up, but I know my path, where to find it and how to get back on and brush it off.

Vickie said...

I read this post this morning and thought about it all day. You worded it very well. And every word you wrote is true.

Lisa said...

Everyone has a different struggle and a different relationship with food and exercise. I think the trick to success if finding what works for YOU. For some people they need Weight Watchers. For me, I counted my calories. There is no "better" way. Just what worked for me.

Jane Cartelli said...

Norma - it has been my way, too. I cannot deny that I have had moments where the immediate gratification was more important than everything else I 'knew.' It always led to the awful fight to get back on the right path - a detox period that was harder than the time before it or the time before that. There comes a time when the memory of that awful time gets muddy and then I am susceptible to another fall.

Karen - Hugs

bbub-dawn - Isn't it scary that we KNOW what will happen but we pick it up anyway? I know I have never judge anyone the same after knowing my own weakness when it comes to my drug of excess.

Vickie - thank you, my friend. We inspire each other.

Lisa - That is very true. The only right way is the way that WORKS for each individual You.

Jane Cartelli said...

Judy - I am delighted if someone I write helps you. Please keep sharing.

Kelliann - You make absolute sense! We have lived the insanity - we KNOW.

Over 40 - In the interest of total honesty: I can see through all the crappy excuses because I have used every one of them. There isn't an excuse I haven't tried to keep myself attached to my food.

Munchie - It was a shock to me when I realized I wasn't perfect and didn't have all the answers. I wasn't the Savior of the fat people and I am not God.
A shock and the BEST thing I ever learned in my life. It is so great to know I am not a great and powerful being, but rather a child of the One who is.