Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spam, as in forms of . . . .

Part of my food history
No, not pig snouts and remnants that many of us grew up with.I am not talking about canned Spam.  Oh my God, yes I really ate Spam in a past life. I ate it and I liked it. When I was ten I thought spam was good food. I also eschewed green vegetables that did not come from a can so please, do not go by my taste buds as a confused child. I have not had Span in over 30 years but there was a time when a Spam sandwich was a treat. Then one day when I was about sixteen, I read the label. I only ate Spam once more before I saw a television story on how Spam is made. That was enough for me. Honestly, I think my husband still misses it - but I am not buying it for him. No Spam enabler here. 

Back to today's SPAM. 
I go to my dashboard and click the comments folder and find sixteen anonymous comments - all in the form of SPAM: selling products, offering me 10 million dollars in exchange for my bank account information, and of course, offers of better sex. The Spammers have found my blog. It is has been a nice three years - completely spam free until 2012 but now I think it may be time to remove the anonymous option from comments. Anyone care to share their experience on if you did they, why you did this and did the decision work for you?  Should I block anonymous comments or should I moderate all comments (which seems like too much work). What choices have you tried? 



Beth@WeightMaven said...

I don't know if Blogger gives you the option, but WordPress has a setting that allows you to moderate first-time commenters. That works great for me.

Caron said...

So far I haven't had any problems with spam but I would quickly remove the anonymous option if that happened. :)

E. Jane said...

Yes, I have to admit that I was a child of the Spam era. We ate it in scalloped potatoes, on toast, in sandwiches, with eggs, etc. I think it was developed with the WWII soldiers in mind, as a very portable source of protein. Anyway, I also haven't had it for more than 30 years, but at one time, it was considered to be "good food."

Anonymous said...

Blogger has a spam folder. I let anyone comment and just ask them to type in some sort of name so I can get to know them. So far so good. Every once in a while I get a weirdo or someone shamelessly plugging their blog. I let it ride and try not to encourage them to come back. I have only had to erase one post and comments because people were being rude to each other and name calling - and I think the post sort of started it so I ditched it.

Spam. My dad used to buy it when a hurricane warning went out. Never failed. And then it would sit in the cabinet and rot.

Hawaiians are strangely in love with it. Maybe because for a long time that is all they could get from off island? Anyone know why they have a love affair with it?

Spam enabler. Har.

RedPanda said...

My mother lived in London during the Blitz, so Spam was a childhood fixture for me. She still keeps a few cans in the cupboard - you never know when you may hear the Luftwaffe overhead.

Munchie - I suspect Hawaiians are in love with Spam because it has a "prestige" factor as an imported product. Or maybe, for them, like my Mum, it has a nostalgic halo.

Vickie said...

dozen+ is tolerable. I have known bloggers with hundreds of spams. I have also known bloggers who become sort of magnets for anonymous commentors (not in a good way).

I think it is good to encourage people to stand behind what they say and own what they say, personally.

so the two topics are interwoven for me.

spam goes to my spam box but I still get a few spam comments poised to look like real comments that I just delete even though a require an ID. but it is not a big deal.

Jonathan Dunsky said...

I too get a lot of span comments on my blog. I have a plugin that takes care of most of them.

I run my blog on wordpress, so I'm not sure what the tool that blogger has for this problem.