Friday, March 16, 2012

TGIFF: Trading Goosh IN For Firmness

This week's Friday Funnies post is inspired by Munchberry's contribution to the list: Trade Goosh in for Firmness.

In all my years, including my teen years, I have not had anything remotely resembling a cute butt. Now that I am fifty I thought I was past the stage where I would ever be told I had a cute tush. I mean seriously: I am fifty, I used to weigh 385 pounds and when I did, my butt was bigger around than a large pizza. Since losing weight it has been reduced in size and has looked like a saggy, lumpy sack (or rather, two sacks). It looks like balloons that were full of air a long time but have suffered from slow leaks for an even longer time. 

Six weeks ago I bumped up my routine with new squats and thigh/butt exercises. Now it appears to be getting a shape that is making those pulsing-thigh exercises worth the sweat. This past weekend I got two compliments on my figure in a sexy power suit (fitted blouse and long skirt) I wore for the first time this weekend. Those compliments had me floating for a while but then on Sunday, while wearing jeans, I got a compliment on my butt. My post-dramatic-stress-dramatized-obesity scarred derrière received a compliment for the first time ever. 

It was a strange feeling. It was also a nice feeling. Just thought I would share.

What part of your body would you never expect to get a compliment about and is there an exercise that could work wonders on that part for you? 



E. Jane said...

I love it that you're now getting some very well-deserved compliments! As for me--I don't think my thighs would ever qualify for a compliment!

Jane Cartelli said...

Oh my thighs will never get there either. This is all about the tush. :-)

Caron said...

My arms are probably as you described your tush -- saggy and kind of lumpy. Ugh. I've been using my hand weights and I've ordered some resistance bands to try. We'll see if it helps. :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet mention of me - Thank you!

If I were you I would have gone out and bought like 5 pairs of those pants. Nobody but me ever compliments my butt. Yes, I compliment myself!

I love that people were kind enough to notice and mention your fine form!

As you know I am goopy and hate exercise. BUT I have recently rediscovered my nemesis (lunges) where I can perfectly isolate the butt muscle. I can do all sorts of squats and - nothing, but lunges with my front toe slightly pointed in allows me to isolate the muscle perfectly. I will try to forget that because I hate lunges, butt (ark!) - it is killer.

You should post your butt in your jeans to inspire the saggy among us - aka - me.

Vickie said...

twice now I have been out walking with middle and had young men think we were two high school/college girls from a distance. yes, the look on their faces when they get close enough to see my age is very funny.

the amount our bodiea can change after we hit maintenance is amazing (I think you are still in weight loss, but talking about after we hit goal and hold). I personally find that keeps me alert and in the process and still moving forward. And that is a big help (in my opinion, resting on haunches gets people in major trouble).

Jane Cartelli said...

Caron - I arms still scare me, but I am letting them out more this year than I have before. I have gotten use to them, sort of. - and toning the muscles does help. I do five different arm exercises to get all the muscles toned, not just the easy ones.

Munchie - I am trying to get up the nerve to post my butt (in the jeans). Just because I heard the compliment does not mean I agree with it - but I am getting there.

Vickie - good point. Resting on the haunches we loose the progress. Stagnation is a killer.

Jane Cartelli said...

Here is the link to the post with the photos of my ass in those jeans.