Thursday, April 12, 2012

Can You Handle Food Situations Today: Take My Test~

We live in the real world - a world that seems to want nothing more than to bombard us with food, Food and More FOOD. We cannot escape from the ads, commercials, billboards, food displays, kiosks, and restaurants, snack foods and candy stands. Not completely. We have to co-exist in this world, such as it is. Is your mental/emotional and physical recovery sound and strong? Are you in any condition to handle unexpected food situations today?  

I have developed a scientifically-sound (hey, I took science in school), reasonable, fool-proof test to help you determine for yourself just how much food noise you can handle on any give day. Here is the test:

When someone with a food I want crosses my field of vision, I will:
A. Avert my eyes
B. Allow myself 3 seconds to gawk and then turn away
C. Scream for them to "LOOK--UP IN THE SKY!" - and while they are looking up, steal their food. 

If my answer is A or B, I am okay to join the world with reasonable comfort. If my answer is C, I need to stay home or get some outside help. Many days I am an A or perhaps a B. On the C days I am in a dangerous place unless I recognize the danger and stay open to admitting it and reaching for the tools to get me through it.

How do you test your susceptibility to 'food noise' in your day?



Cenandra said...

Most days I can ignore it, but if its brownies or chocolate chip cookies I usually am a C. This disappoints me greatly because 3 years ago I could walk away and not look back. I was stronger person then and now I struggle.

Its a fight everyday, but am thankful that I make the right choices 80% of the time. The other 20% I allot for planned screw ups or not so planned. :o

Jane Cartelli said...

Sheri, my goal was to keep my planned and unplanned screw ups at 5% or less. Then, because I always lie to myself, it would really be 10%, But, if I plan on 10 it will be 20. If I accept 20% I know it will really be 33%. Oh hell, the truth is I have to strive for 100% right choices and accept that I will never be perfect. That is the only way I can stay food sober and happy.

Kelliann said...

I do the "avert your eyes" thing, and I always thought I was totally nuts for needing to do that. I am so glad that's what others do to help themselves! Also, smell is an issue. When I am shopping and going through the bakery section (which, of course, is right next to all the produce!) I don't breath through my nose. Ah, what we do for self-preservation.

Mary Ellen Quigley said...

Most days I ignore food that other people have. When I first started my weight loss journey, I really felt deprived. Now I am noticing that it doesn't really matter. I know the effects of the foods many of my friends are eating, and I choose not to go there.

Vickie said...

I know I have written about this on my own blog, but I am not sure if I have mentioned it here:
I switched grocery stores over this topic.

My beloved/long time grocery store started putting out samples, on permanent stands, all over the grocery store.

Like 3-4 in deli area, 2-3 in bakery, 2-3 in meat (things like summer sausage) etc.

I tried to deal with it, but found myself having unnecessary tension when I shopped.

I switched to another store that usually only samples on Saturday morning (I rarely shop at crowded time nor on weekend) and just a few stations.

I think what I call SURPRISE food is very difficult to deal with on a regular basis.

The most important part is to limit frequency. But as you said, it does happen and we have to be aware of our own reality. there are many times when I do not put myself in danger's way unnecessarily.

good post.

Unknown said...

Again, Jane, you're humorous but really talking about a serious topic. As I've previously explained on my blog, my pantry has "gas station food" in it.

I've been kind of sorting food in piles of "Marion food" and "other people's food." My food has to be appealing enough, or I go to the dark side.

:-) Marion

Norma said...

I'm going to have a food situation later. I'm on only Day 2 of my Whole 30 Paleo challenge and I have a birthday dinner to go tonight with my boyfriend's family. I have scoped out the menu of the fancy-schmancy restaurant and the only actual thing I can get away with eating if I'm going to stay on Paleo (rather than saying f*** it and starting a new Day 1 tomorrow, which I won't) is a garden salad. So, I'm going to very very politely speak with our server and ask for a piece of grilled fish, any kind, prepared as plainly as possible, and a pile of plain steamed/roasted/grilled veggies. There will be no bites of anyone else's entrees, no appetizer, certainly no bread basket and absolutely no dessert. Because I decided I'm doing this, so I'm doing it. That's what it comes down to, right?

Anonymous said...

Que cute!

I am an eye averter. I also do not go where I know I will be tempted if I can help it. No food channels for sure. I also try not to go down the snack aisle at the grocery. Or to the bakery.

Jane Cartelli said...

Kelliann - you are not nuts and you are not alone.

Mary Ellen - most of the time I can be like that. I have to watch for the HALT - being too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired - not food.

Vickie - surprise, along with uncomfortable feelings or hunger or tiredness are dangerous. I remember your post about changing stores because of samples.

Marion - If you go to the Dark Side you get a Tshirt. I have it. It reads Come to the Dark Side - we have Cookies!

Norma - I am following your Paleo post to see what you think of the whole thing after the thirty days.
I just recently changed to have an additional grain (from one). I am not ready to go back to that again.

Munchie - I figured out that Whole Foods knows we are skipping certain aisles and they are arranging theirs differently so the temptations will be there. Meanies!