Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Disclaimers and Disclosures

They offered about this much
 A company contacted me and offered me a small amount of money if I would write a blog on the subject of plastic surgery in the abdominal region. It did not matter that I have not had such surgery. They just wanted me to write about it and post two links to their site and let them link back to me. Hey, I can always use a few bucks for my plastic surgery wish fund and I was certainly willing to write on the subject. But then they told me
Our guidelines include that you should make the post personal and don't put any tags or disclosure that it is a paid or compensated post.
To which I replied "Bullsh*t. Get away from me Satan." I replied No thank you." 

My personal belief is there should be full disclosure when someone writes something and is compensated for it. When I wrote my post on Quest Protein Bars I was careful to let everyone know I was reviewing the product without any compensation in money, product or other. I really liked the product and wanted to share it with you here. If I had received some sort of compensation for writing about the Quest bars that would have been fine and good  as long as I disclosed it first. 

If I receive a free product in the mail to review I state that I received the product free to evaluate it. I like to think that if I were offered 100 times the amount they wanted to contract for that I would still have said no. I hope to God my integrity would withstand such a temptation. This wasn't much of one so I cannot really say I was put to the test. For today I will continue to say I can sell space on my blog but I cannot sell you my soul.

I do not know what your thoughts are on this subject but I would like for you to share them with me (us). 

Oh, and if anyone writes about tummy tucks with links back to a site for them in the next several weeks, we all know you are getting paid to do it. You might not be allowed to tell us, but we know.

PS: Wednesday I am posting a book review. The book was given to me. There was no other compensation and I am free to write my review as I feel it should be done. The publisher has not interceded in any way nor have they asked to read my review first. I like that. 



Anonymous said...

I think if they want advertizing, they should contact you about your rates.

Nobody ever asks me to do anything which is good since I am an inveterate slug.

I am glad you called satan out. Made me laugh and that is what really counts right. this. second.

Every once in a while someone will link back to their blog in a way that is marketing their blog. That annoys the crapola out of me. It makes me want to approve comments... but since I am a slug and people want to see their comments got accepted - I shall withhold such stringent measures.

OK so, as a link back to my own blog... Snicker. Just kiddin ya.

Hope all is well!

Norma said...

You should refer them to the train station... ;)

KCLAnderson (Karen) said...

I got the very same pitch...and when I said "no thanks" they responded asking me to write about how to reduce belly fat, to which I replied again: "no thanks." I often get pitches that start off with "as an avid reader of your blog" or "we love your blog and think it would be a great fit for..." and all I can think is if they were that avid and in love, they'd know me and wouldn't pitch such products/services/plans/programs!

Caron said...

I think you did the right thing. I've only had one email and the guy said he really liked my blog and would I want to be featured in a yet to exist blog. ??? I didn't respond. I just write this to keep myself on track and hopefully get some support from other bloggers. :)

The Paris Chronicles said...

Freelance job board sites such as Elance and Odesk are filled with offers for writers to create SEO-enriched blog content (i.e., fake blog posts which have a certain percentage of words which will be picked up by a search engine); in fact it is the bulk of the proposals. I can spot a fake blog/blog post a mile away. Any post talking about a "weight loss miracle" such as pom, acai berry, HGC, herbal supplements and the like is most certainly written by a freelancer being paid thru one those sites. They also hire writers to post comments on, say, 50 weight loss blogs each day, where the writer will say something like "Great blog! Have you tried x? It's really working well for me!" (The account it is posted from is a sock puppet account, or a fictitious account.)

Anonymous said...

It's not just your personal belief, it's also required by the Federal Trade Commission which can impose hefty fines on bloggers who do not disclose that they have been compensated for a post. The company that contacted you was asking you to break the law.

Lisa said...

Good for you! I was contacted recently for a similar thing and while the money would have been nice (I was about to go on vacation), it felt shady and I turned it down. I want my readers to trust me and believe in me and posting some BS ad masquerading as a post made me uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I was thinking recently about writing about my experiences with skin removal surgery (I had some) but I think I'll wait a bit so nobody thinks I've been paid! Although, I didn't have any links to include so maybe I'm in the clear...

Jane Cartelli said...

Munchie - My new web concierge is going to be giving me lessons in what people are doing to link by to their blogs and how it effects my blog, etc. The innocence is gone.

Norma - Even they don't deserve that

KCL - I agree!

Caron - I got that one too. Tossed it out.

Paris - Thank you. You are always so well informed. I learn something new from you all the time.

Anonymous - good to know. I certainly wouldn't like to be hauled away in chains.

Lisa - I agree. Our integrity should not be given away with ads.

Keepingoff200 - LOL I think you are in the clear w/o the links. I checked the links they would have wanted me to post. Total crap sites, too.

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