Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter and Lustful Thoughts

Look! Living, breathing Peeps! 
In Florida it is illegal to dye chicks. bunnies, and all pets. If it weren't I would own the two bunnies in this photo and our white bichon would be next in the dye -line. He would look lovely in periwinkle. Oh well, I will have to settle for dyeing my own hair every 6 week.

Hoppy Easter! In Keeping the Pounds Off Land, I have been enjoying the traditional Italian Easter Pie (a savory pie, not a sweet pie). I made mine with corn tortilla instead of wheat crust and substituted the mozzarella with Daiya cheese. I am going to make my first leg of lamb today. There will be no sugar free lemon custard this year. I am looking forward to fresh papaya and mango drizzled with lime juice. Yesterday we finished last minute food shopping and while we were in the store they brought a truck load of Easter Candy to the front of the store and put signs up marking down the price to binge-eater-friendly levels. 

There is nothing shameful
about the truth! 
I need to share a secret. In all honesty, there is a part of me that today wants to jump in the car and go to that store where Easter chocolates are now marked down to 10 for $10.00. From there I would hit the ice cream aisle - hard and I do not know where I might go after that. Monday (or next month) I would wake up and wonder what the hell happened to me. 

Sometimes such thoughts and feelings come up. I share them, without shame, so I do not become sick. I do not need to be guilty for my thoughts. If I keep these thoughts secret I will give them life and power over me. The feelings will become facts.  I am only as sick as my secrets. Sharing these thoughts with you, they are no longer secret. Secrets brought into the light lose their power. They are weakened by the dazzling light of rigorous honesty.

If anyone comments how they've lost fifty or one hundred pounds and 'never have such thoughts' and 'would never consider eating such foods under any circumstances.' - they need to go away because I want to slap them. The theme is rigorous honesty and I honestly do not believe anyone goes from obese to slim without ever again caressing their addictive foods with lustful eyes. Not everyday of course but some days, with some foods. In my own experience the thoughts come seeping in and my eyes get that lusty gaze as they look at whatever it is at that time. I try to make sure I do not purposely put myself in the position where I will be lusting with my eyes on a hungry mind and stomach, but it can happen. I do not believe anyone who says they never, ever have such thoughts. 

I know people (including me) can have these thoughts and not capitulate to the food. Heck, I could not be here now, no longer obese, if I gave in to each lustful gaze. Looking is not eating - it can lead to eating, but then so can denying and lying. It should never be necessary to lie to others to make people believe such thoughts never even enter their minds.

In keeping the pounds off, is anything keeping you from shining light on your secret food thoughts?



Anonymous said...

So so true that when you keep things secret - even if it is just a thought - it becomes a fact or a truth. Get it out and move on.

I feel really happy that so far the desire for Easter candy has not stricken me. It may later and so I am vigilant. No going to Walgreens or other like stores where they put the candy out front. No looking at the ads. No watching food programming. Lead me not into temptation!

Good luck with the legga lamb.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing happened yesterday... I went grocery shopping and planned to buy ONE small bag of my favorite Easter candy. But since for many years now I don't shop the candy or "seasonal" isles, I just plain forgot about it until I was in the checkout lane, and I didn't care enough to go back. Luckily, habit won in this instance... it could well have been the beginning of a face-first dive into a pile o' chocolate. I do believe in setting ourselves up for success, and was glad to see a good habit win out over insidious intentions. Good luck with the sales, gang!


E. Jane said...

It was hard to say "no" to the candy and desserts today. I agree that we all have such thoughts--at least I don't know of anyone who doesn't. It's OK to look, but for me, indulging is the beginning of a long road to more weight gain and misery. It's easier to say "no" and be at peace. Happy Easter!

Vickie said...

My thoughts are usually sad.

As in I have a moment of sadness that I can't have X. It doesn't happen very often. It used to happen about every 5 minutes.

This could have been a hard weekend for me, but it wasn't.

We went out to eat at one of my restaurants on Saturday and I told my husband in advance what I was planning on having. Talking about it in advance really helps me.

Sunday morning oldest and husband wanted to go out for brunch (last minute). I had already eaten breakfast. I told them in advance I was just going to drink water and chat. Again putting it out front, verbally, took all the wind of its sails.

We didn't do any candy this year. The kids decided what they wanted to eat and that is what we did. No one said one word about candy. I don't think I have done any candy for years now. I don't think anyone has (ever) noticed.

Vickie said...

I actually cooked Persian food for Easter. kind of odd, but that is what they wanted. no desserts. And I don't think anyone noticed that either. We all had mangoes and oranges - like minds.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Glad you aren't going to punish yourself or be embarrassed about mere thoughts! I have thoughts like that all the time, and I don't let it worry me. big difference between thinking and doing!

KCLAnderson (Karen) said...

I'm pretty good at shining the light on everything...there are times when I definitely go into denial mode, but I'm usually able to see it for what it is.

Easter is not a trigger holiday for me as I don't celebrate it. That said, there are foods that I do lust after and sometimes I "give in" and other times the lustfulness is just not that strong, and/or I know how I will feel after I eat such foods and wanting to avoid that icky feeling is stronger than the lust.

Over 40? - So What! said...

Always enjoy your posts. I agree that holidays provide many (poor) excuses to indulge, but I no longer yearn for a chocolate bunny. However, I have to wear blinders when I walk through the bakery section of my neighborhood Publix. Bread is my nemesis - not cake or pie. I tried putting a clothespin on my nose, but people stared so now I just avoid it. Have you noticed that you can even smell the bakery outside the store? They do that on purpose.
The best way to maintain a weight loss is to write a book about it. If you ever want to sell another copy, you better stay slim. Money is a great motivator.

RedPanda said...

This post made me smile. We don't celebrate Easter either, but yesterday (Easter Monday) I swung by the mall on my way to the gym to buy some shampoo.

The guy at the salon was very helpful in finding a substitute for the shampoo I wanted which has been discontinued. As I was paying, I saw a dish of little chocolate eggs on the counter. I couldn't help looking at them and thinking, "Geez mate, you could offer me one (or two, or three)."

Lori said...

I have those thoughts a lot. Sometimes I act on them! There are periods of time where I don't want to eat 'treat' foods, but those thoughts never go away completely.

And it's okay and perfectly normal.