Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This blog is not. . . .

This blog is not a political blog, a family life blog, a TV blog, or a housekeeping tips blog. It is not about fashion, nature, travel, pets, or nuclear fission.

This blog is about maintaining weight loss and everything that touches that process.

Everything that touches that process. 

Over the past three years I have posted stories that touched on how political policies affect weigh loss. I have posted how my family interacts with me in my changed-food world. I have offered thoughts on exercise via housekeeping and how it does not make me sweat enough to be effective as a weight loss tool. I have discussed my clothes and what other people are wearing (and shouldn't). I have talked about the beauty of sunrise on the nude beach, traveling across country without losing my food sobriety and wrote on how my dog ate my breakfast. I think posts on emotional meltdowns and picking up the food in response, qualify as a nuclear fission discussion. 

The point is this: this blog is about maintaining weight loss and everything that touches that process. If I maintain long enough, everything will touch that process. Given enough maintenance time, I am sure I will find a reason to talk about experimental aircraft as they pertain to maintaining weight loss. I haven't found a connection yet but you never know. 

What subjects (as they pertain to maintaining weight loss) would you like to read on Keeping the Pounds off? 



Vickie said...

I did actually think of this while cooking the other day - what does Jane do about cheese since she doesn't 'do' milkfat?

I wondered if you used fat free or skipped it all together or had a substitute.

Vickie said...

I knew I had a similar note on my side bar. I went back and found it for you:
The end of the story, end of initial weight loss, maintenance, and then additional weight loss and maintenance again, IS ALL here on this blog. There are over 3000 posts talking about all the odds and ends connected to weight loss and maintenance. Somewhere long ago I wrote - if you think I have gotten off topic - look again - it is all sooooo inner-related.

GGKnits said...

Keep on keeping on! I appreciate reading about others weight maintenance - however you choose to naviate it. It's all interesting and valid for me at different times. It motivates and reminds to to keep making healthy choices.

Anonymous said...

I think life - your life - weightoss is intricately interwoven in it. I love that about your blog - the connection and variety and all done honestly. You keep it zeroed in sometimes with humor which seems to be just the ticket at the moment. I thought that especially so during the holidays.

Susan Bodendo/Super Earthling said...

I honestly don't care what subject matter you post, Jane--I'm here for the interesting manner in which you tell things. :)

Jane, I wanted to let you know that you're featured in a rather odd story on my blog. It's a tribute to all who've been kind enough to comment on my blog.



Jane Cartelli said...

Vickie: I use Daiya in place of mozzarella and fat free ricotta. Other than that I skip cheese. I do not like fat free versions of the cheeses and most contain soy. Daiya is not fat free but it is soy free and dairy free and it melts and stretches like mozzarella. I also use the Daiya pepper jack cheese occasionally.

Vickie - THANK YOU for pointing that out. I am always finding things on your blog that give me strength and thought.

GGKnits - I am glad you shared!

Munchie - We really do support each other on this journey. Nothing is so strange that someone, somewhere, will not have a similar experience.

Super Earthling - By coincidence I read your dark and stormy post that very day, before I saw your comment. How is that for time-space-continuum??