Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Back in Town and Overwhelmed

I took this photo from a pier in Chelsea
I got back home from ten days of travel and business on Sunday night. It was not a vacation because there was no downtime, no restorative resting. I drove through every state north of Maryland and east of Pennsylvania, except for Rhode Island. (hey, I spent a month in R.I. one Sunday when I was 13 - I vowed never again). I visited beaches in Maine (while wearing my winter coat), the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire. I danced in FAO Schwarz on the big piano from the movie BIG, I attended the opening night of the Broadway play Don't Dress for Dinner.' - and was happy to see one of the actresses got a Tony nomination a week later.  While not a vacation, the trip was lots of other things: fun, rewarding, stressful, hard, happy, jam-packed with family, precious mother-daughter and daughter-mother time and even a half a day with just my husband and The Big Apple. It was all so emotionally, physically and spiritually draining and renewing all at the same time. Does that make sense???

This photo was taken with the panoramic feature on my Android phone.
The school bus was passing by in the right direction just as I
was taking the shot. It caught in several frames to make one long bus.
Upon returning home Sunday night I immediately had to get to work (yes that night), because I had events Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the theme parks and I did not give enough time to preparing them while I was away, despite bringing two computers and all my files with me, despite the 'plan' I had for getting the work done. What was I thinking? My 'plan' was to work from 8pm to 10pm each night on the computer. In reality it was 11pm or later before I turned the computers on - and I turned them off 15 minutes later when I realized I was falling asleep at the keyboard. 

Maine's Southern Coastline was pretty
The weather up north ran from 32 degrees to 65 degrees. The weather in Orlando - 92 degrees. My body is fighting being re-acclimation to Florida's heat and humidity. My feet are swollen and my calves hurt. My fingers are puffy and I have had a headache for two days. Aspirin is helping. Peppermint on the temples is not. 

My mom wanted to go to Coney
Island and the original Nathan's
for a hot dog. A return to her past.
My food was perfect the first four days but as the trip progressed the scale got skipped a few times; bites, licks and tastes started surfacing. On day eight, my daughter's birthday, I was hovering over a piece of New York style cheesecake and ready to stab anyone with a fork who came near me. By the final day in the land of Broadway I know that if I played the part of a crack addict seeking a fix in a Broadway play, I'd win a Tony using my food addiction as my reference experience.  

I have discussed the slippery slope before. The slope does not get easier with experience, it gets slipperier.  It is better if I don't even go down that path. I do not want to hurt myself with food. I am taking the suggestion of my mentor and taking some breathing time. I will still be blogging. I am just going to keep them a little short for a couple of weeks and limit my reading and comments for the same short time. 

I have so much I still have to do and I need to accept I cannot get it all done in my time or in the time demands of anyone else. I have to proceed one day at a time. For right now I just want to get rid of this headache. 

How do you handle re-entry after an extended stay away? 



Karen said...

Welcome back. I love your pano photos.

Smart to go slow. Good advice from the mentor-IMO

I get back into the swing of things by getting back into the routine of things ASAP. If its Farmers Market day- I go get the staples. If its getting back into work, then going through the normal work routine and answeing emails and looking at the calendar. If its exercise I take a familiar walk or work out routine.

Just by going back to a regular, healthy pattern that resets my mind due to familiarity, my body will follow.

Take care and time and healthy patterns/cycles will get you back on regularly programmed track. :). Karen P

Joan said...

It's hard to stay even when the parameters keep changing. There is relief in getting back into familiar healthy patterns. Hope your headache is gone by the time you read this!

Melanie said...

Welcome back! I missed you!

Vickie said...

don't know if your health circumstances can tolerate caffeine, but sometimes that works for me. It might work because I am normally caffeine free.

I have had too much down time this week and have been having nearly the amount of trouble you describe. Being off my routine is causing problems. Too much time means I am getting absolutely nothing done.

Very glad you posted, I was really wondering about you.

Wishfulshrinking said...

I am so glad you are back from vacation! I must think of you as a blog hook up because I really love reading your thoughts on food. When I get off the beam (it starts with my thinking before my actions) I stop and assess my motives. Why do I do what I do with food.. good and bad. My motives give my proper motivation. The first thing I did when I got back from vacation last year when I went off program for vacation was weigh myself. I had to be honest with myself what 10 days off program did to me. It was a 7 pound gain. Ok No shame. When I do not follow a plan with my food and drinking this result. It is the firm bedrock my program is built on. Not shame. Real knowledge of what I do if left to my own will. I need this type of hard evidence to remind myself of who and what I am. I am a food addict. Without self knowledge I forget.

bbubblyb said...

Glad it was a good vacation even though it had it's moments. It's always tough coming back from vacation no matter how it goes. I think you are doing the right thing just taking things slow, ease back into your routine :) Glad to have you back though.

KCLAnderson (Karen) said...

So I have to ask...what in Connecticut did you see and what is it that you do for work?

I find that having a coming home ritual helps me get back into the swing of my normal routines...as does not beating myself up over anything that may have happened while I was away. The past is the past...I can learn from it, but I can't change it and shaming/blaming/guilting myself never helps!

E. Jane said...

Re-entry can be difficult, but I also feel relief when I am back home with my own food, in my own environement, with my own schedule.

But I know what you mean. I always feel at loose ends, and it takes me a few days to feel like the world is back in sync. The routine established on the road, in another place, another state, or perhaps another country lingers for a while like another life.

Jane Cartelli said...

Thank you EVERYONE for your great comments. I am sorry I worried anyone in not posting without warning.

The headache is 90% better. When it started to come back at 4pm today I took a 30 minute nap and felt much better when I woke up.

I always get back on the scale the day after I get back from any trip. No matter how 'perfect' my eating, I will see a 8-20 lbs gain for 3 to 5 days that quickly drops without dieting or exercise. It seems to happen whenever I fly or sit in a car for extended times. My legs swell like balloons. But all that water flushes out in a couple of days every time. This time I went up 18 pounds (as of Monday) and I am already down 11 of them as of this morning. I am eating my full meals and not exercising because of the headache. I use to freak after every trip but after all these years I could see the pattern. My guess is I will be down another five by tomorrow. This is not real weight loss of course, it is simply water weight. I wonder if that would happen if I had surgery to remove all the extra skin in my thighs and rear? I guess my calves would then explode.

KCL - We just drove straight through CT and MA. We've been to both before and this time Maine was our goal. As to what I do for work, just go to www.giftsofalifetime.com that has been my baby for 15 years.