Sunday, May 20, 2012

Feeling It In My Toes

This picture was taken of me a few weeks ago in FAO Schwarz, the toy store in New York City known to all New Yorkers as THE toy store in NYC. If you saw the Tom Hanks movie BIG, you will remember Tom's character dancing on the giant piano-in-the-floor toy. The prop used in the movie is still there and you can purchase it for your home for only two hundred fifty thousand dollars (presumably before tax and delivery). They also sell folding floor models for a much more reasonable one hundred twenty dollars (take it with you and save on delivery). 

The store has the movie prop model on display and people line up to step on the keys and take pictures. I wasn't going to do it but I saw a moment when I thought no one was looking and I got on and played for my minute on the floor piano. You can tell from my body language I am trying to pretend I am not really enjoying myself. When I saw the video and photos later I realized just how much I was unable to permit myself the freedom to enjoy the experience without showing it. But that is for a future discussion. . . . 
While I was stepping out notes with my toes, my husband was fishing the Bloggie camera out of my purse and taking photos and video. I am not posting the video because there are other people on it and they will kill me if they appear on the Internet I do not have their approval to use their likeness, but I want to share this photo because I like my thighs in this picture. They don't look freakishly out of proportion the way they do in my broken vision of my body. 

The pants were dressy sweat pants so there is no firm fabric holding anything in place yet I think the thighs look okay. In a few days weeks I will begin posting the promised photos and posts on dealing with a life of redundant skin after massive weight loss. This photo reminded me that since my thighs are covered 80% of the time, I can get to at least 80% acceptable of that area of my body if I really try. 

What body parts are you trying to accept today? 



Karen said...

Ha! Great topic for me. I'm replacing my summer wardrobe for the 72 pounds I lost last year.

Arms and legs. Some of it can be toned, some not. I grieve, I laugh, and eventually I get over it as quick as I can. But at the end of the day, I have to face it.

If I choose the right style of clothing, then I can hide it pretty well. Surgery is more money and higher risk than I want right now. I'd rather spend my time and money on other things, like travel, etc.

If I have too much of a pity party I remember my family member who's been stuck in bed for a year and a half with MS, or my blind family member who could not see for the last 7 years of her life. That gets me out of my funk pretty quick.

Good topic again today, Jane. Glad you are getting out there and doing some fun stuff. Most people do not give a hoot or will even notice. And if they do, I have stopped caring. That's what makes weight maintenance so rich- in a non-money sort of way.

Karen P.

Mary Ellen Quigley said...

For me, it's my arms. The skin is already sagging, and I am only 43 lbs. into weight loss. I'm sure they will be really horrible when I reach my goal weight. I try not to let it get to me though because I know I cannot change it.

Vickie said...

if you go in to edit this post, click on the photo it will allow you to enlarge it. Please, my eye sight isn't as good as it once was.

I feel for you on the skin issue. I only have one truly difficult area and I know how much it bothers me, so I have great sympathy.

RedPanda said...

I've made peace with the loose skin on my thighs (lycra workout pants smooth the bumps and ripples while highlighting the muscle) but I cannot get past the "squishy bits" on the sides of my upper body and the "loose bits" on the underside of my arms.

It's better than having a scar running from my elbow up to my armpit, then curving around my breast, but still...

Norma said...

My stomach. I never had a nice stomach -- not as a teenager, not even during the fluke six months I weighed 133 lbs when I was 25 (the only time I've ever worn a bikini in public -- I looked okay but I didn't have any sort of defined abs even then). After ten years of obesity that included big back-to-back pregnancies, and then a 65 lb weight loss at age 38, I am left with a sagging, stretch marked, pocked pouch. I actually took pix of it on Saturday and considered posting them but the pix looked even worse than the reality and I don't want to show them. I have accepted it for what it is; the result of my life. No surgery for me; I couldn't deal with the no exercise for eight weeks and it just is what it is.