Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hell No! Sin No More!

Estimate of the temp inside my house
I live in Florida. Average temperatures from April through November can be in the eighties and of course in the nineties most of the summer. We bought our home in 2004. It was built in 1988. The air conditioning system was replaced by the original home owner in 1992. We do not have a pool.

Our central air conditioning gave up the ghost on Sunday. The system was 19 years old. Let us pause one moment for the passing of a truly hard working system that rattled on these past three years with spit and a prayer.

Okay that moment is over.

Not my old AC but close
DAMN! It is HOT in the house without the AC! - and this is May. Imagine how hellish it would be here in July! If this is anything of what hell would be like I am vowing right now that I will never sin again! My husband always wakes me up with a cup of hot coffee or tea. This week: ice water. Ceiling fans have been on 24-7 since Sunday. Standing fans strategically placed but all they do it circulate the hot air. Dinner last night? Frozen bananas. Exercise? Yes the first two days. No freaking way yesterday. It was enough to work in the sauna of my home office all day, no way was I going to subject myself to heat stroke in my own house! 

As I sit here the new system is being installed and tested. I can feel cool air coming through the vent - and then it stops as they test and tweak the new system. That little bit of cool air was heaven. The system is blessedly quite. The efficiency rating is high and we will save money on the power bill. In 7 years it will pay for itself. Too bad the AC company won't wait seven years. I have to pay them today. There will be some tightening of the money belt a few notches for the next 36 months but, by God, we will have air conditioning.

And what does this have to do with keeping the pounds off? The lack of a comfortable home environment makes me less willing to put in my sweat equity. Heck, I didn't even clean the house these past 4 days (shhh, I know it is really two weeks since I cleaned but I am making a point here!) When the air around us is too uncomfortable, we move less in general, burning less calories. Metabolism slows down. It is easier to get lazy than it is to get busy. Then there are the frozen treats calling out their comforting memories of hot summers past. . . . . how easy it would be for me to say poor me, poor me, pour me another one of those milk chocolate malt smoothies. . . . and I do not mean the non-fat, low sugar, all healthy ingredients kind either

Air conditioning is not a luxury in my keeping the pounds off. At least, it isn't in Florida. It is a necessity

What can you not live without in keeping your pounds off in the extreme heat this summer?



Susan said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you- A/C is nearly as necessary as the air I breathe in this kind of heat. I live near the Mississippi coast and it gets quite humid here. I thought I would just die when we were without power for two weeks after Katrina, with a heat wave in progress at that! Without A/C I would probably consume my weight in ice cream and cold drinks!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I do not have exteme summer heat anymore! Woot Wooot!!!

But I have lived a good many years in FL AND have lost my darned AC in both home and a restaurant (filled with all sorts of heat making cookery things and breathing humans) in the dead of summer. Totally miserable hell does not begin to describe it.

My dad grew up in S FL. No AC. and (gulp) no mosquito control. Can you imagine?

Glad you got your AC. Luckily it did not happen over the long weekend. Or did it? I bet your bill this coming month and on in the future will be a lot less. New AC won't be chugging all the time to keep up.

Anonymous said...

Been thinking and praying for you my friend.

Anonymous said...

I have always lived in very south Florida and have said no one wanted to live here till we got mosquito control and A/C. Homes, Schools, stores etc were NOT air conditioned and humidty close to 100%. Seriously the no-seeums are far worse, we painted the screens with kerosene to keep them out, closing the windows was not an option!

Taking frequent showers and misting youself with a spray bottle helps a lot. It was FAR too hot to eat in the summer so for me it was easier to lose and keep it off.

Vickie said...

I give you huge credit for being able to stick it out for even a couple days.

I would have been one of two places:
- in my bathtub full of cold water with a fan blowing on me
- or a hotel.

Enjoy your new purchase, it was worth every penny.