Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quick Post about Feelings and Stuff

this is the app, but not the game
I am playing again and again
I am having a good week and it is incredibly busy with work - when I am not wasting time playing a stupid solitaire game on the iPod. No time right now to post something significant except this: I am well. My food is in the right quantities, the right combinations and I am not obsessing over anything today. What a concept! 

Part of my Gratitude List:
My younger daughter went to the store for me and bought the sweet potatoes and carrots I needed to make lamb stew in the crock pot last tonight. It is the first one I have ever made with lamb. It smells great but I am not eating it until Wednesday lunch so stay tuned.  My older daughter called and we had a really nice long conversation and it just made me happy to kick back and chat with her. We had only a short call on Mother's Day due to our work schedules and I felt the feeling of being short changed from my mother-daughter(s) time. My younger daughter also had to work on Mother's Day so we had only about 10 minutes together - and she had to wake up 4 hours early just to wish me a happy Mother's Day before I left that morning (which was very sweet of her). Then she went back to bed. I was asleep by the time she was back from work. I am getting time with Younger on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. My kids are adults. I love mother daughter time, face to face or 1200 miles away on the phone - it makes me so happy to be close with them. It is a blessing. 

Mom says the sign on her elevator
was written in crayon
My poor mother: no one could visit her on Mother's Day in New York. Her elevator was out of order all day. That meant my sister with her three children (including a 1 year old) and my brother with his 2 artificial legs could not get up the seven flights to her floor and mom cannot take seven flights of stairs down and then up again.  If it had happened to HER mother, my grandmother would have said the world was against her and bla bla bla. But mom took it in great stride. But everyone had phone calls with her and she had my card and gifts from when I was there last week. She waited to open it until Sunday. Every generation we either get a little worse or a little better. I think in emotional health, we are getting better one generation at a time. I could hear how happy she was laughing over the card and there was not a trace of self pity in her voice. 

Today is a busy day. I am going to dinner to celebrate my friend's 19th year of Keeping her pounds off. (how ironic that the celebration for long term weight loss includes food). I am going to go to work and bring my lunch with me. I am going to go to the dry cleaners. You didn't need to know that - I am just reminding myself.

Can you see positive progress in your family generations? 

Until next time


bbubblyb said...

I really can see progress :) Glad everyone had a good Mother's day in spite of it all :)

E. Jane said...
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Mary Ellen Quigley said...

I definitely see progress. I am glad that you had a good Mother's Day.

Vickie said...

had time to stop by today for a good read. I had (Seinfeld) visions of you all standing on the sidewalk, with your mother leaning out her window talking on cell phones and waving at each other.

We have no control over the past other than to learn from it. Exactly as you said, what we can do is make each generation stronger/healthier/more well balanced than the previous.

There is a definite line in the sand (me) for my kids. There is for you too. Very good post.

When we know better, we do better. That is all we can do.