Monday, June 4, 2012

Hungry Eyes

I was driving on a certain street for the third time this week. The first time I was not hungry. The second time I was hungry and the third time I was 2 hours past missing dinner and VERY hungry. 

The first time I drove past the large, tan marque sign with teal lettering for this business location; I didn't even look at it. The second time, when I was hungry but I still did not really read the sign. My subconscious registered every KFC, McD's and La Cantina on my route but it did not notice the sign when I was just starting to feel hungry. The third time, starving for dinner and driving past the same location, my eyes caught the letters on the sign 
Friendly Funnel Cakes

But that is not what the sign reads. 

My hungry eyes jumbled the letters a bit. 

The sign is for a totally different type of business:

Family Funeral Care

This visual disturbance was most definitely caused by my hunger. I continued to drive straight home to the meal I had already planned for dinner. I am very grateful I was committed to not stopping off somewhere for a snack. Who knows where my hungry eyes could have led me? 

In keeping the pounds off it is good to remember my hungry eyes are broken. Hungry eyes do not accurately measure portions. They do not see that certain foods are not that good in quality. They just see what the want to see and it is usually linked to my appetite. 

Have you had any experience with hungry eyes? 



Norma said...

Expanding on the topic you introduced several weeks ago about junk food being sold in non-food retail environments, I wrote on Saturday about the ubiquitous drive thru's that also "plant the seed" of food in our mind, making us think we're hungry when we're not (although you legitimately were!), reminding us how easy it would be to just pull in and drive thru (none of that pesky "walking" from your car to the service counter!), no cash? No problem! Use your credit card to buy a burger, fries & shake! And the same for candy, soda, etc. being sold at the checkout areas of stores like Best Buy. If I'm in Best Buy buying a DVD and some printer ink, what are the chances I will spontaneously start thinking about a King Size Snickers bar? Probably 0%. What are the chances I'd be waiting in line and decide that when I'm done here, I'll drive across the highway to the 7-11 and get out of my car and go in and buy Snickers and soda? ZERO. BUT...if I'm waiting in line and SEE the snickers and it's right there and will add only a dollar to my total with no effort involved, that purchase might become VERY hungry eyes!

Jane Cartelli said...

Point of purchase is equal opportunity. Opportunity for the stores to sell more. Opportunity for us to practice the almost-lost art of saying no to our appetites.

Norma said...

Amen! And just FYI: I keep a little baggie of 24 almonds or walnuts in my purse at all times. :)

Vickie said...

Got a good chuckle out of that one. My eyes have done the same thing and occasionally so have my ears. Cute post.

Unknown said...

So funny, but true. When I'm overly hungry plus tired, I can talk myself into almost any type of food. I don't even have to really like it. A related problem is that I have a fancier purse now, and I'm not allowed to throw fruit into its royal purple satin lining.

:-) Marion

Jane Cartelli said...

Norma: Exactly! As they said it Silence of the Lambs: We covet first what we see. I have a Quest bar in mine . . . but I wanted to go home and eat what I planned. The next time I mistake a funeral home for a funnel cake - perhaps I will think differently.

Vickie: Ears are certainly another way I can get drawn in. If I do not hear "would you like dessert?" I do not have to think about my answer.

Marion: I have the Quest protein bars in their foil-ish wrappers. They go in everything from my Target bag to my Prada knock-off.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that gave me a laugh. I do the visual jumble too! I think committing to no snack stopping is a great idea. I do that too. When I drive past this burger place I say to myself, "Nope dinner in an hour, no eating while out". I seem to listen to my own admonishment. I do need to find something to stash in the car though. Occasionally we do a long day trip and I do not eat before going and get almost hostile when I need food and it is unavailable.

zaini said...

i think when you are hungry then you eat anything available without seeing the amount of calories in it.if you want to lose fats then try to make fruit or vegetables salads and keep it in refrigerator so that when you feel hungry you can eat healthy and low calories salad.