Saturday, June 2, 2012

Minty June

pinch a leaf
and sniff! 
April was spinach. May was kale. The beets last week were okay but I am not planning a beet marathon anytime soon. 

June is going to be mint. This month I am going to try fresh mint in all kinds of things. When a recipe has called for mint I normally leave it out because I do not grow it or keep it on hand. Last week I bought some cut mint and found a couple of ways to use it. This month I am going to keep in on hand and see if I can find a way to use it five out of seven days a week. This morning I went out a bought my first organic mint plant so I can grow my own mint this month. 

The kale brigade continues. I have to watch so I do not use it to the exclusion of other vegetables. Kale is great but it is not a perfect food. I still need other nutrients from other green plants. Spinach is still bein used there too, but spinach has always been in my food plans.

Not my smoothie
this is fake mint type
Fiddlehead update: Canadian fiddleheads were spotted in Whole Foods/Columbus Circle, New York City this week. If you are in NYC get thee to Whole Foods and cook yourself some fiddleheads! Oh I wish I could be there with you! 

Today's Mint: Mint and kale minced smoothie with pure cocoa powder, coconut oil and almond milk. This means that I have to amend my statement about drinking my calories. With these vegan smoothies I am indeed drinking some of my calories. We will see how it goes. Technically it is a semi-smoothie.  The texture is not smooth at all. Some people would dislike it purely because of the texture. My daughter is one of those people. Photo of smoothie will be added later. You should know now: it is not a pretty color, like the mint in the ads for minty desserts. this is dark and dreary but oh, the flavor.

Found this dress from the era on line.
The one I picture is a brighter mint
color and does not have the dark
bow and streamers. 
I love the color 'iced mint' and the coolness that shade brings to mind. In my favorite book "Scarlett," which is Alexandra Ripley's vision of the continuation of Gone With The Wind, there is a part where Scarlett dresses in a light mint green dress and the color makes her feel as though she is encased in ice. I can envision such a dress in my mind - and I want it. How would I look in the fashions of Ireland and England circa 1878? 

Speaking of color: I added leftover juice from last weeks roasted beets to a blueberry and mango smoothie a few days ago and it was very pretty - but I forgot to take a photo. 

Veggies and herbs - what are you doing to get more into your day?



Rebecca said...

I like that mint color...very nice. Kinda like "sea foam green"..ha!

We have a pretty nice herb garden, and I love going out and snipping some off to cook thinks such as roasted chicken, on baked fish, etc. As for veggies...we are signed up with a CSA this summer, and it has been a great 2 weeks so far of trying new things such as Bok Choy, eight ball zucchinni, and swiss chard (not a fan of the chard though).

Good luck with the mint. We have a bunch of it in the garden, though honestly, I don't think I've ever used any of it for cooking. The only "minty" thing I like is mint chocolate chip ice cream... I bet a mint smoothie would be great though!

Anonymous said...

I love kale and all the green leafies. If I told people how much of it I ate they would think I was insane. In a smoothie? Urf.

Try your mint in some yogurt dip. Kale chips, yogurt, cuke and mint dip. Yum.

Beet juice makes everything but mashed potatoes beautious.

I miss growing basil and peppers in FL. They are a no go up here.

Yay for you trying out new things in new ways.

zaini said...

june is the seoson of mint .in those days you can see fresh mint in gardens .if you want to lose weight then mint green tea is best for you .green tea with fresh lemon is best for losing weight try it .