Monday, June 25, 2012

No Appetite

I always prayed to lose my appetite and it never happened. Now, when I am in a place in my life where I understand how essential it is that I eat what is healthy and proper for my body each day I have no appetite at all. I am forcing myself to eat something for each meal because I know I have to eat so that I do not have an ungodly and hurtful binge when the appetite returns. Food addiction can play those kinds of games in our minds and bodies - especially when we are at our most vulnerable. 

Well get behind me, Food-Satan. I will have none of your tricks.

PS: My brother, sister, and I  have been handling everything so beautifully our parents wouldn't recognize us - and would be proud beyond their wildest dreams. Will write again soon. 



Karen said...

Jane you are very wise. Hugs for walking through this tough time. Thinking of you. Karen P

Vickie said...

I am so glad you are wary of the AFTERS already. They may be tough.

Glad the siblings are in sync so far.

Your last few pounds may slip off this summer, I know you are working on them.

I think of the not eating enough and the eating too much as too sides of the eating disorder COIN.

It is wise you are eating for nutrition.

Vickie said...

Two sides

Can't get used to the iPad picking words for me.

KCLAnderson (Karen) said...

When my father died it coincided with me getting a stomach fact, I think my stomach bug was in reaction to his death, the moment it happened, even though he was in Florida and I was in CT. It was a truly spiritual experience. That said, for days afterwards my appetite was nil. It is to be's good to nourish yourself, but also listen to your body (not your mind) and it will guide you. Big hugs...

Anonymous said...

Very smart. You DO know the tricks and how to outmaneuver them.

Prayers for strength and continued family communion.

Norma said...

Thanks for the update, Jane. I'm glad you and your siblings are doing this together. Eat easy, simple things to keep your body going, stay hydrated and sleep, if you can.

Lisa said...

I'm sorry you're in so much pain. :( It's funny--when I was obese I definitely used food to soothe pain, grief, etc. But now I tend to swing the other way and totally lose my appetite.