Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Love Miami

Let me just tell you now that I will not be posting photos until blogger fixes this damn glitch that makes my text change when I add a photo. It adds too much time to formatting a single post to be worth it. Just insert your own photos to this post using your imagination. 

My favorite thing in the world (besides intimacy with my husband), is the amazing and ever-changing combinations of blues and greens of the waters in the Caribbean. That is why my husband and I enjoy cruising so much. Intimacy AND those amazing colors all in the same place. He prefers mountains to the ocean but he loves cruising so it is nice when we cruise to an island with mountains. I know he would love Hawaii. (Pretend you are seeing a photo of Mona Loa)

After this weekend we may have to move to Miami and live overlooking the beach. Anyone want to help fund that retirement plan? I could have spent the entire day looking at the beach and the ocean from the 14th floor of a room at Hotel Deauville. Despite the extensive hours during which I was chained to a chair on a dais, committed to working in a windowless meeting room, I did get some beach time in. I was up each morning by 5:30 and saw sunrise on the beach as I walked. One afternoon I had 45 minutes to stroll the beach by myself and was met with water the colors of jades and turquoises and wonderful breezes wafting across the clean sand. I know there was a whole big city behind me and I do not want to live again in a big city . . . but if I could live with that view I would be willing to consider it.  (Pretend you can see a photo of the sunrise on Miami Beach)

My food was well planned this weekend. Coming home in the rental car we had a transmission problem and could not accelerate safely on I-95. We had to limp along to Ft Lauderdale's airport and exchange the 27,000 mile Altima for a 2012 Sonata with 314 miles on it. I didn't care much about the whole thing EXCEPT that is was past lunchtime and I MUST BE FED! With our plans changed, we used the GPS to find a restaurant and found an Outback Steakhouse within a half mile. I started with a side salad (no cheese, no croutons) with balsamic and less than 1/2 a tablespoon of oil. Then I ordered the 6oz sirloin, asparagus, and a plain sweet potato. I also had about 6 cups of water. We still had 4 hours to travel. There were several pee stops on the way home. (pretend you can see a photo of the luggage being moved from one car to the other and a photo of my empty plate)

Being a big city, Miami has many fresh food stands, shops and restaurants. They have whole foods. There are a major port and have airports, docks, highways and constant access to fresh foods from around the world. If I had the financial resources and no obligations or personal needs to be near family and friends, I would live in Hawaii. To make travel to see family and friends easier, I think I could live in Miami. Damn, I should have listened and saved for retirement starting back when I was 12 years-old and got my first job walking my aunt's dog. (Why are you pretending to see a photo of my money?? - I have no money). 

If money, family ties, job and all that stuff were not deciding factors, where would you live?



E. Jane said...

It sounds wonderful, Jane. I also like the Outback for being able to choose a relatively healthy meal.

As for where we would live, we like Minnesota in the summer and fall (even though we've had a very hot summer), and the Naples/Fort Myers Beach Florida area in February and March. But I have to add that I get a bit bored going to the same places, so I would change it up and travel a few times a year to different destinations. But...We're attached to Minnesota as a permanent base.

E. Jane said...

My response to your comment on my blog: You're right, Jane. I think that people are out doing more things, because it is summer, and more power to them. I guess I was speaking more for myself as one who does not like long days of sunlight and oppressive heat like we've had this year. It does make me want to hole up inside.

Again, so sorry for your loss. It does take some time to feel like getting back into the routine again. Blessings to you and your family.