Saturday, August 11, 2012

Casting for a New TV Show - Interested?

There is a new show being cast for television. The casting agent is looking for women who . . .well, read the pitch:. Everything in AQUA is their pitch:


- a childhood bully at a family reunion

- an old nemesis or head of an organization that chastised you
for your weight_- a former trainer that told you you were a
hopeless cause

- a sibling, parent or family member that treated you like an

- a member of a former cheer, dance or sports team that you were
kicked out of because of your weight

- a boss or co-worker that made you feel inferior in the work
place because of your weight

- whomever it was that made you feel less than a beautiful human
being because you are over weight

Whatever your motivation, we'd like to help you get the retribution that you're looking for while giving you access to the best trainers and nutritionists who will help you FINALLY
feel you are at your best.

I am not interested. There are many things I have learned in keeping the pounds off. I cannot maintain such a weight loss if I do it out of fear, anger, retribution, resentment, or profit. I will not give this great gift (which I have to earn daily) to the questionable value of shoving my success into the face of someone who hurt me in any way. That is not how keeping off the pounds works. That IS how relapse starts. That is how new resentments are formed. But what about the people for whom the weight loss is still their struggle?

Think about it. Someone loses 100 pounds on this show to show the dance team how great they are? What is the response going to be? It could be 'So what, you are still uncoordinated and have a bad attitude.' As for a family member - In front of the cameras you might see one response but when the lights go off the cutting tongues can come out and the person who has been slapped back into family reality goes back into the cupcakes in tears.

I don't wish that for anyone.




Kari said...
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Kari said...

Yes! You said it perfectly. What an awful show concept. :(

Vickie said...

It will be interesting to see if the people
1. Recognize them
2. Remember them

Publicity (to the general public) of any kind attached to weight loss is generally not a good idea. . .

I am sure people will be volunteering to join. It is one sabotage of an idea, but the people who join will never understand that concept.

Glad you posted about it, interesting to contemplate.

downsizers said...

I do so agree. The reason for losing weight should not be to throw it in someone else's face or get even or any other negative emotion. I went through school listening to hatefulness over my weight. I lived at home listening to hatefulness over my weight. Nothing good comes from it. We can't let it continue to rule over us and affect our peace. People who were mean to us have their own lives as their punishment. I prefer to have a rewarding life without feeling like I don't matter because of fat. That's over. Good post.

KCLAnderson (Karen) said...

What most people don't seem understand is that these shows are insidiously exploitative and that the ONLY beneficiaries are the people who make money from them. The viewers and the participants do not benefit at all.

NewLife said...

Hi there
I just found your blog - AMAZING! Your story is such an inspiration and your voice is a breath of fresh air.
I'm only part-way through my journey, but already I know that I will never be able to have cheesecake in the house either. There are currently chocolate chip cookies in the house (thanks to my other half) and they are taunting me. I am avoiding the kitchen where they have taken up residence!!

Anonymous said...

Totally agreed. Unless you lose it for yourself it is not going to stay off (the hard part).

Need to Get ME Back said...

I totally agree! Losing weight should be for you, not some random boss or old acquaintance who called you fat once. And like you said, what if they still react poorly? The person will feel even worse. The media is so frustrating when it comes to weight.