Saturday, August 25, 2012

Don't Think Won't

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Is it just me or is it funny that the talented singer known for the song lyrics "but I won't do that. No I won't do that!" ~ is named after a food item? a.k.a. Meatloaf 

Won't is a bad attitude to have. "I won't do that." Well let me tell you something, you also won't get well with that attitude. You HAVE to do things. If you say "I won't do that" then you are putting "THAT": before your goal of losing and keeping the pounds off. 

NO ONE is suggesting you have to abandon God, kill children, run naked down the street and sell Amway products to Hari Krishnas.  So what could be SO BAD that you could not try it and give yourself a chance!

Yes we have a VHS
Every time I say I won't, I am be setting up a self imposed barrier that could be blocking me from the very thing I need to get better. Wouldn't that be sad? 

In the original Broadway musical Peter Pan with Mary Martin, Peter sings "I won't grow up." I think of the wonderful people, places and things in my life today that I wouldn't have it I hadn't 'grown up.' I am glad I grew up.  And I am done saying won't.  How about you? 


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Unknown said...

Some of the best advice I've ever recieved was to "Set My Intentions" and then let my actions follow.

If I want to lose weight, then anything reasonable has to stay on the table

If I want to eat healthy, then certain items come off the table

If I want to exercise, then my day has to be organized around that goal.

Too many people want to do the right thing, then immediately place up barriers, with "I can't do....." or "I don't like...."

I no longer say "I can't" when I see something new. That's a phrase no longer welcome in my vocabulary.

Great advice! Thanks!