Sunday, August 5, 2012

Message to Heaven

Happy Birthday in Heaven Mommy! Your gift is down here, come and get it! 

You have what you always wanted. Your children have love, joy and appreciation for each other without resentments. The things you put in place worked out for the best for everyone. Everything has been taken care of and no mess was left behind. No one has hurt themselves or shattered anything in their lives in the pain of missing you. I miss you terribly but I am at peace with your love and what I know you would want for me is for me to be happy. 

Life is good. Anguish and loss do not have to leech away the happiness I have in my life today. For the rest of my life there will be times of sadness about my mom and life will always have something new to throw at me so I am sure there will be more reasons to be sad in the future. But for today, I will allow happiness to pervade the sorrow and enjoy my life. 

Jane: 1 / Food Addiction: 0

Work continues to be very busy this week. Let me put it this way: Back in April we had a slow month and I had seven custom events for the whole month (30 days). This month I have seven events in just three days - and that does not include the 14 other events also taking place in August. I will be writing later this week but probably not for the next three days. I am planning my food, getting enough sleep, working out and finding something to laugh at each and every day. And if I feel like crying, I cry. 

I think that means I am healthy. Wow, what a concept. Can you recognize healthy in your life?



Fit Mommy said...

This is a great message!

bbubblyb said...

So glad to hear your healthy and happy :) I can realize healthy for sure :) I think mentally comes first then body follows :)

Anonymous said...

You sounds strong. Maybe it is good to be busy. You do, do do and then let it go later.

Stay strong my friend!