Sunday, August 26, 2012

Soapbox Sunday August 26 - Scary Food Item

My daughter saw this product on a grocery store shelf in her New York neighborhood. 
Photo credit to L. T. Cartelli and her camera

Seriously, I want to know: what is the market for double-dipped, honey crunch mini corn dogs? Is this product

  1. a snack food you serve with mustard and ketchup
  2. a breakfast food to be served with a side of home fries and maple syrup
  3. a dessert to be served with a whipped honey spread
  4. an abomination signaling the end of all that is healthy
I want to know what you think? 



Timmy said...

I don't want to know the type of preventatives in that food.

Jane Cartelli said...

Since these products are going to be the death of somebody they should use formaldehyde.

E. Jane said...

It sounds horrible--both taste and nutrition!

Karen said...

Probably #1 if you were were a busy working mom/dad who was clueless about nutrition.

Since I'm not clueless I'm going with #4.

I don't allow that stuff ant my house. Ditto with lunchables.

A Co-worker physician are stopped by my desk to chat about weight maintenance . He also talked about how many 11-17 year olds are being seen for high blood pressure due to the added salt in processed food.

That is scary !

Leslie said...

I agree that grocery item sounds utterly ridiculous. Unfortunately, it is probably cheaper than a lot of fresh produce (God forbid organic stuff!), lean animal protein selections, and other healthy choices. Trust me, it isn't being marketed to people with financial, educational and intellectual resources that you and I are incredibly fortunate to have.

You want to know [from your readers] "what you think". I think they might actually taste good and be totally addictive. In fact, chemicals and food additives are likely added for the purpose of causing less informed people to ""keep coming back. I'm a food addict so I'm not going there.

Norma said...

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Corn dogs are gross enough -- I've never even tasted one, but the concept disgusts me. Combine that with "honey crunchy" and I'm not exaggerating when I say I feel nauseated just looking at the box. Much like the pizza-topped Cinnabon that was introduced a few weeks ago, these unholy marriages of sweet and savory poison food products just show what extremes corporations will go to in order to "entertain" our completely dulled taste buds.

Vickie said...

Was it on a shelf or in the freezer?


Unknown said...

I gotta imagine those lil guys are pumped up with flavor enhancers, presevatives, and sodium -- all designed to make kids want more.

What in the world are we doing to ourselves when we train kids to want this stuff instead of quality food?

Jane Cartelli said...

Karen - you said it. Very scary.

Leslie - yes, those additives that make you want more . . . I would suggest a warning on the label. alcohol, tobacco and every doorway of a casino have labels. Why not food products that have ingredients designed to make us want more?

Norma - Thanks. Now I had to go and look up the Cinnabon thing because I had not heard about their pizza bun. My turn to be grossed out.

Vickie: On shelf in a freezer.

Just Choose Joy: When I was in school and learned the dangers of tobacco (which my parents both used), at first I blamed them for their using them. Then I understood (1) they could not see through their own addiction, (2) they did not have the benefit of the same education and did not understand it as we did and (3) what little they did understand was enough that even though they smoked, they took great care to tell their kids everything that was wrong with it and to implore us never to pick it up. None of us smoke and my parents eventually stopped. As more and more people are exposed to the knowledge of what is in the food and what it does, there will be the same trickle down effect so that a generation or two later each family will get better. This only applied to those who get the message in the first place. And that starts with education.