Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thank you for asking, but NO!

Lots of us out here on the blogging trail get offers from manufacturers to sample their products and perhaps give a review. I just turned down an offer to sample some bars from a company that used non-GMO soy. I don't like soy as food. I don't eat soy. Soy affects my body in a bad way. Thank you anyway. 

I can easily say so-long to free soy. Honestly, I don't care how long I am keeping the pounds off, if someone were to offer free cheesecakes, I would have a problem saying no. Oh sure, I would be only find insanity in the package, but I would be thinking 'it is free CHEESECAKE.' And then I would wake up from the ensuing nightmare - God-knows when -  fifty pounds heavier. 

I would have to say no to free cheesecakes. I am grateful not to have that temptation in my life today. It is not something I need to worry about. I like cheesecake. I taste a cheesecake maybe once a year but I know I cannot have a cheesecake in the house. Getting a free one in the mail would be like receiving a package from the uni-bomber. I know (and several of you also know) a private-blog blogger that changes stores to get away from markets that offer free foods. I admire that strength in Vickie. She recognizes her weakness and turns it around with a positive action that gives her what she needs to stay food-sober. 

If the food offered is food that makes you crazy, does free food make you freak? 



downsizers said...

Getting something for nothing seems tempting on the surface but can be a disaster if we aren't proactive. I have also had trouble thinking that something might go to waste so I eat it to prevent whatever it is from going to waste. I have thrown things in the trash that I could see were going to be a problem if I had to deal with them much longer. Learning from mistakes is powerful.

Vickie said...

the most effective trash story I have ever heard is from Munchberry, she throws food in wet bathroom garbage, much more effective than squirting with Dawn liquid soap.

I have seen a lot of bloggers sending the wrong message and getting themselves in subtle trouble, on the slippery slope, with manufacturer's offers.

Ditto with publicity. I have seen a lot of blogger's attention/focus become very fractured by getting involved in outside media things. I would include writing books in that category.

Yes, I left a beloved story where I had shopped for over 20 years over their mass sampling. I did not feel weak in doing so, I felt very annoyed with them.

bbubblyb said...

I think that's why I struggle so much at parties where there is a huge table of food laid out because it is there for the taking. Definitely can't do free food well.

Mary Ellen Quigley said...

I've gotten offers too, and I always turn them down. Free food is a big no-no. Even if it is diet food.

Michelle said...

I've definitely had to change my thinking about free food. I shop at stores that hand out lots of samples and my daughter loves going from one to the next. She's 3 and doesn't eat much so depending on what it is I'll let her have some, but I'm getting better at saying no for myself.

Lisa said...

Good for you sticking to your morals. I say no to a lot of products and companies that want free advertising on my site. If I don't personally like the product or company, I say no.

Norma said...

Not sure if I should be insulted or happy that I have yet to receive a single offer of samples of anything! ;-) Free food is a non-issue. There's always someone willing to eat what I pass up.

Fit Mommy said...

Kudos to you for turning down products that you don't agree with.

Mom Fitness Journal

Unknown said...

I eat well in public, it's the private eating that is more my problem. But good for you to keep your resolve.

:-) Marion

Countrywoman said...

Good for you but I dont like Soy either so I would have to say no too.

Jane Cartelli said...

Downizers: VERY powerful. Even more so is accepting that I do not need to be right all the time.

Vickie: Their attention can wander all it wants if they are able to maintain. I know there is a level of vigilance I need to maintain and i cannot cross that threshold without risking everything.

BBubb - I hear you about parties. They can be tough. I remove myself from the buffet area or I might as well pull up a chair and a fork and declare that table is all mine.

MaryEllen - I have tried one free food and still have not blogged on it, but I will. I didn't like it. It could sit here until I die and I would not try it again. The things I HAVE endorsed have been my personal purchases, and that includes Sean Anderson's book.

Michelle - each day is a new opportunity to change something for the better.

Lisa - I agree. The only advertising I have given away from is for items I liked and wanted to promote. I am currently reading a book and doing all the activities in it before I write about it. I was just going to read it and report but that is not really how it should be done. The publisher is disappointed I have delayed but it is that or I do not do it at all.

Norma - Free crap - no problem. Free my favorite thing - harder. To deny that is the worse thing I could do, besides eating it of course.

Fit Mommy - Thank you!

Marion - So if you had a glass house, would that be helpful? It would scare the crap out of me!

CountryW - I also do not like chemicals in my food. Most products have more chemicals than I find acceptable. I like the Quest protein bars though - and they have something in them that I do not even know what it is!