Thursday, August 23, 2012

Visual Satiety

Not my plate but I like this meal
We eat first with our eyes. They lead us into our food even more than our sense of smell. 

I learned several years ago to use small plates for my meals. Give me a large plate at a buffet and I will fill it. Give me a small plate and I am satisfied with less. Give me a small plate at home - my dinner fills the plate. The exact same food on a larger plate looks like less and my eyes perceive it as less, which triggers my mind to think I have less which gives my stomach the message to expect less and want more. 

Would it kill them to add a
full serving of vegetables? 
Restaurants make their money on drinks and desserts. They break even on the entrees. More and more restaurants have been serving meals on larger plates. Small portions and excessively-sized plates. The message is: "Still hungry? Order dessert."

We ate in many restaurants last week. The plates were big. The portions small. Twice I transferred my food to a smaller plate. No one commented. I was happier with the smaller plate most of the time. 

this does not thrill me
I am glad to be home with my small plates again. When my husband and I take a short cruise in September, rather than scrap every meal off the dinner plate on to a smaller plate, I am ordering my salad served with the entree and will put it on the plate with that entree. I can trick my eyes if keeping the pounds off is important enough. I am not concerned about keeping off 3 to 5 pounds - that is normal fluctuation for anyone. I am concerned about keeping off the 20 pounds that comes after that. 

Do your eyes lead you? How do you achieve visual satiety? 


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Caron said...

I'm not sure that my eyes do lead me but cooking smells will get my attention every time. When I smell meat grilling or popcorn or, heaven forbid, cinnabons baking, I perk right up and think of eating even if I've just left a restaurant or just finished a meal. Kind of hate that too. :(