Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wait a Minute, What Month Is This???

I know I have been in a fog for two months but it has only been TWO MONTHS, RIGHT?

I haven't fallen into the Twilight zone and lost half the year, have I?

This IS still August, isn't it?

I am asking begging you all: look at your calendar, run to your doorstep and check the Sunday newspaper and click on the TV to check if there are re-runs on prime time. If there are re-runs on at prime time, it must still be August. Check back with me and tell me if I am right that this is August 12th. 

Then, if I am, please go to YOUR local Walgreen's and tell me if they have the HALLOWEEN CANDY on display. That's right - HALLOWEEN CANDY - and it is not yet the middle of August (at least not on my calendar). Oh the horrors! 

Chocolate Zombie Bunny
If that isn't pushing it enough, our tormentors at Cadbury, knowing our fearful addiction to their Easter time Cadbury creme eggs, have come out with a Halloween Cadbury Screme egg where the inside yolk creme is now a Frankenstein-esque green color. 

This post about the Halloween display is the result of my daughter's trip to Walgreen's for pantyhose. I did not see it myself. I shop elsewhere for my hose and rarely ever go into a Walgreen's anyway, but I thought you should be warned. 

I am going to tell you a secret. My dirty secret from this past Easter season. I bought creme eggs. I bought them one night at the store and on the way home from the store, with the still-wrapped creme eggs in my hand, I opened the car window and tossed all three of them out as I drove home, screaming at myself for almost falling prey to a f**k*ng creme egg piece of crap chocolate chemical blitz! 

I littered the gutter of the main thoroughfare with smashed foil wrapped eggs. If I had eaten them I would have littered my body with them. Which is the worse crime? 

I cannot watch this movie alone
As the line reads from one of the scariest of zombie movies, Night of the Living Dead: "They're coming to get you Barbara. . . ." 

I think they want chocolate. 



Caron said...

Those displays have ceased to amaze me. They put out Valentine's candy when we've barely cleaned up the Christmas paper. It must work for them or they would not do it. :(

Unknown said...

Good for you for throwing those cream eggs away! We have to keep telling ourselves that we are in control, that ultimately it is up to us what we decide to eat. We have power over food and not the opposite. I am a new follower of you blog and find your story quite inspirational.

Norma said...

I am chuckling at the thought of a police officer catching you throwing creme eggs out the window of your car and pulling you over to cite you for contesting the ticket in court and bringing your before & after pix in as evidence for the judge to justify your actions! :-D

Creme eggs are delicious and evil but I'm not sure I can eat neon green I am safe...but what brilliant marketing/repurposing.

On topic: in high school/college I worked for a large drugstore chain and we set up our Halloween aisle the second week of September, as soon as school had started. We set up the two Christmas aisles on Nov. 1 and Valentine's stuff was out by Jan 10, as soon as all the marked-down xmas stuff was out of the way. It's just retail. Last year I remember taking a photo in Kohl's while there with the kids getting sneakers for back-to-school (so August) of a a fully decorated Christmas tree surrounded by displays of wrapping paper, ornaments and knick-knacks. It's just retail.

Mary Ellen Quigley said...

Good for you for tossing those eggs out the window. It is so easy to fall prey to the chocolate monster. Especially during this time of year when they have Halloween and all the other holidays in a row.

downsizers said...

I remember one year at school before I retired it was the day before Christmas break and students had given me chocolate covered cherries, fudge, cookies, all the usual stuff. On the way home I stopped on Main Street in Centerville and threw it all in a trash can because I knew what would happen if I got home with it. Well done, Jane.

Leslie said...

Yesterday I saw a complete display of Halloween candy at my local Giant grocery sore - complete with requisite Brach's Candy Corn from which I quickly averted my eyes. Utterly ridiculous. Will not look close enough to see if the Screme eggs have made it to my corner of the world! They never tempted me anyway, thank goodness!

Anonymous said...

Oh I can imagine what you must have felt tossing those eggs.

I loathe those darned displays. They had them out at my drugstore in July. JULY! Insanity.

If i feel vulnerable I make sure not to go in alone.

KCLAnderson (Karen) said...

Norma took the words right out of my mouth (keyboard?) :-)

Vickie said...

I checked my Wlgreens, no Halloween aisle. I told the check out lady your story. We both thought Walgreens would have universal displays, but no.