Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"And Now a Word From Our Sponsor"

If you aren't young enough to be my child you are old enough to remember the phrase that titles this post. It was heard on TV shows when it was time for a commercial, in the early television years. In the 1960's and the 1950's, before my time, many shows were aired live. The phrase "and now a word for our sponsor" signaled that a break was coming to the actors and other personalities. They had time to wet their mouths, take some deep breaths, perhaps use the bathroom.

Speaking of using the bathroom,this
 is me actually able to fit into the bath
 tub on the Disney Dream cruise we
 took for our anniversary last week. 
Not too long ago, my mentor suggested I needed to step back from several things for awhile and I chose to ignore the suggestion. Recently the suggestion was repeated. I have been going through a bit of a struggle with my ego lately, thinking that I can do everything and be everywhere. I can't. Did you already know that? I ask because I am completely surprised by my lack of super powers. What a blow to my super woman persona!

The suggestion did not make me happy but I understand the caring and rationale behind it. I can appreciate why a pause is necessary but then my ego tells me I cannot go silent because I have posted in the past that silence is not golden in weight loss blogs and going quiet is a sign of trouble and I can't do that because . . . . hmmmm.

Then I thought: "Well, I am in trouble. I have been unable to keep my life in balance for some time now. I was lying to my mentor, family and friends because my ego and corresponding feelings of shame kept me hidden behind a wall and unwilling to admit I did not have my act together. Oh sure, I look good and talk good (sometimes) but I was feeling less and less good on the inside. I felt like something was dying in me. Last week I came clean. 

Clean is good!
My mentor suggests a break and accept the need to concentrate more energy on the process of recovering from the malady and less on the process of talking about it. I choose to accept the suggestion, step back, and listen for awhile; perhaps one month, maybe two. One month from today is my birthday. I will consider my mentor's suggestions before making changes on my own for a while. If something really is worth sharing and needs to be posted in a timely way to be of use, I will post it as long as it is not an exercise in expanding my ego. There is more to keeping the pounds off than fat. I have to keep the rocks out of my head, the crap off my plate and the sludge from my soul. 

If anyone has any questions during this quiet time, I will respond in comments or by email. I am not going away or hiding. I am taking the cotton out of my ears and putting it into my mouth. 

That is a good thing. 



Karen said...

Glad you are taking time off for yourself. Love the bath tub pic. :). KareP

Joan said...

Plenty of fiber in cotton! :)

Do what YOU need to in order to heal. xx

Anonymous said...

You try it out and if you feel better, continue on. If not,come back. Maybe blogging keeps you on path. Maybe it interferes. Soon you will know. Or maybe you change up the blog to better suit you.

Point being is that the blog should serve you. If others benefit all better - but it is a side benefit.

Something all us bloggers should think about including me.

Caron said...

I'm hoping this will be exactly what you need, although we will miss you if you go away for a month. :)

bbubblyb said...

Good for you for taking time for yourself. We'll be right here when you get back :) Hope you have a great Birthday if you aren't back by then.

Anonymous said...

They say time heals, I don't know if that's true in all cases, but I do know you are strong. You are determined, kind and generous. Those things make your self worth through the roof. You, my dear, are amazing. Meditate, keep calm and carry on.

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