Monday, September 10, 2012

Pounds, Not Politics

When a candidate runs on a platform of saving humanity by taking away our cupcakes, I will consider public endorsement of a candidate or party. Until that time, this blog is remaining free of politics. Who you vote for and who I vote for are not the part of a weight loss or maintenance plan and with the possible exception of returning the Hawaiian Monarchy to the throne, my views on politics are not going to inspire the loss of an ounce, let alone any pounds. 

This blog is about keeping the pounds off: the struggles, pitfalls, successes, detours, roadblocks,  and changes I need or needed to lose and maintain a loss of over 200 pounds. 

My name is Jane and I approve to this message. 


E. Jane said...

Totally agree with you, Jane. This is not the place.

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