Friday, September 21, 2012

Wants, Needs and a Video

Michael Prager, author of Fat Boy, Thin Man, has a video on his blog. Click on the link below to see/hear it. 

Keeping the Faith takes on a whole new meaning when I think of it in this light. I have always been a 'prove it  to me' kind of girl. I believe in God because I have experienced some wondrous things. I believe in love because I have felt it, shared it, embraced it. I believe what I can see, feel, understand. . . 

My mentor has asked me to consider changing some things. I am resistant. I want to know what will happen. I want control of the results. I want to understand why the changes are right for me.  

My wants are not my needs. 

What I need is to embrace the action of being willing without waiting to be convinced. 

Some changes are coming. Stay tuned. 



Anonymous said...

Is it wrong to want to understand what the changes might or will bring? That seems like good sense.

Jane Cartelli said...

I don't think it is wrong. I think it is not a need, it is a want. I accept I have an addiction and that my addict sense will always try to outsmart my recovery sense. Toward that end, I must be willing to accept I may not always get to 'understand.'
It is not like anyone is suggesting I give away my money, drink chicken blood and only eat single celled organisms. Of course, I might have done all three if I was still close to 400 pounds and looking for 'the answer.'

I hope you are still feeling good in your recovery from your hyster.
We are now HysterSisters!

Vickie said...

If you open the above link, there is a second toastmasters speech right below the first one. you will like it too.

Jane Cartelli said...

Thanks Vickie. I just checked it out and I identified with things he said in that speech, too.