Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Handful of Pain Before Lunch

Like a two year old who does not understand HOT, I burnt my hand grabbing a red-hot pan right out of the oven.

Now I can add to my gratitude list:

My aloe plants
Cold water
and. . . .

I am thankful I am no longer a two-fisted eater or this burn would have frustrating my eating!

Note to my children: when I am in my dotage, please keep me out of the kitchen.



NewLife said...

OW! Poor you - get well soon. And Happy Thanksgiving :-)

Caron said...

I can so identify with this. I am a menace to myself in the kitchen with hot surfaces and sharp knives.

Have a great day. :)

Noxluna13 said...

I have done the same thing before and felt really foolish afterwards. I hope the burn isn't too bad and that your hand recovers soon!

Norma said...

Oh, OUCH, Jane!!! :( Hope you heal up fast.

Jane Cartelli said...

Thanks to my Aloe plant the hand healed while we still had Thanksgiving leftovers in the house.