Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Wondering what I can do today to stay keeping the pounds off?

Well, today (and today only) I have decided to write a children's book series that Moms will enjoy reading.

It is inspired by a book series from my childhood AND by my favorite eye candy,

I give you ~

in handcover only

with full digital clarity and color

eventually to be a pop- up book

Curious George Clooney

Think of the possibilities:

Curious George Clooney goes to the Hospital and gets a Sponge Bath
Curious George Clooney Goes to the Gym and gets a Rub Down
Curious George Clooney Makes a Movie in the Buff
Curious George and the Yellow Banana

Who wants to get a first edition copy?

This post brought to you by someone who is looking to remain creative outside the kitchen this week and that is how I am keeping the pounds off today. Now I can go back to work, my creativity safely free of the kitchen and my brain back in work mode. 

Thanks George! 



BeckyAnne said...

Sign me up! I'm there! Especially for Curious George and the Yellow Banana...

Unknown said...

You are so funny!

:-) Marion

Crabby McSlacker said...

That was hilarious!

Hmm, maybe you could update an old classic, The (Brad) Pitt and the Pendulum?

Melissa @ Faster In Water said...

That is awesome! Copies will certainly fly off the shelves!

Jane Cartelli said...

It seems that somewhere out there on the internet they have already done a bi-curious George Clooney. Not what I was going for - but amusing when you remember GC's participation in one of the Oscar Night's opening skits. It think he was in bed with John Stewart?