Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Keeping the Pounds Off My Turkey (and me)

I am giving Thanks for caring more about what I do on Thanksgiving than on what I can't eat or get away with at the table. This year we are cooking dinner early so my daughter can bring her Thanksgiving meal to work with her. Then Husband and I are going to see 'Lincoln'. I think it is fitting to see it on Thanksgiving when you consider that Abe signed the celebration of the Thanksgiving Holiday on the fourth Thursday of every November into law during his presidency. Thanks for the holiday Abe. I know the Pilgrims usually get all the credit for Thanksgiving but Abe made it a paid holiday.

Our older daughter lives up north, as do the other members of our family. We are celebrating quietly this year with little fuss and no forced drama. While I miss having our extended family close by I do like having the freedom to celebrate in our own way without the stress of extended family close by . . .

This year I am having:
Turkey - no oil or butter
Green Beans - no grease, no sauce, no butter
Creamed Onions - the recipe calls for nutmeg
Homemade cranberry pineapple dressing - no sugar
Stuffing - 70% vegetable, 20% bread, 10% fats
Gravy - made with broth and cider, it is low fat and excellent
Pumpkin custard with cinnamon and ginger - no sugar, no butter, no cream

6 Things that I do that work for me:

  • I am remembering that Thanksgiving dinner is 1 of 7 dinners I will have this week.
  • It is one of the three meals I will have on Thursday.
  • All my meals are part of a balanced food plan.
  • I do not eat dinner twice just because it is Thanksgiving
  • I do not skip lunch and roll the calories into dinner
  • I will open my mind more and my mouth less

4 Things other people do that do not work for me:

  • Treat it as a 'free' day, 'cheat' day or 'exception to the rule.'
  • Stockpile food allowance all into one American Thanksgiving-sized meal.
  • Skip lunch and munch on nuts, cheeses and chips before dinner.
  • Eat whatever is on the table today and make up for it at the gym for a week.

If those four things work for you, God bless you. I do not have that experience.

In keeping the pounds off I have tried tall four without success. The 'free day' usually goes on for several days or weeks. There is a reason I call this binge season. Saving most of my calories for the day for one meal never works. I have continued to play games for days after trying that behavior. Skipping a meal and nibbling is just the excuse I need to gorge on fattening food before sitting down to a rich, full meal. Ugh. Making things up at the gym? Oh hell, I am still making up for the decades I spent overeating and not moving the other 364 days of the year. 

Took this photo months
ago. On Monday I will
take a new photo wearing
the same jeans.

I wish everyone a happy, healthy, safe Thanksgiving and may we all still fit in our jeans on Monday!



700 pounds is as bad as it sounds said...

I don't know how my weekend is going to turn out, this is a first for me (trying to eat healthier during the holiday season). I had one of those free days a while back, I am real familiar with those. It started on a Thursday in November and lasted for couple years. I like your thoughts on it though. Have a great holiday!

NewLife said...

Sounds like a plan! Happy, happy Thanksgiving!


Norma said...

Jane, if you have time & don't mind sharing the cran/pineapple sauce recipe, I would love to have it. I LOVE homemade cranberry sauce but it's been verboten because of all the sugar (one Atkins-y year in the distant past I made it with...SPLENDA...ick) and I also love pineapple so I'd love to try it. Thanks! :)

Noxluna13 said...

Just wanted to send warm wishes to you and your family and I hope you all have a beautiful and peaceful Thanksgiving.

Food does not need to be the center of our worlds, we need to remember that it is those we surround ourselves with and love that make the most impact in our lives, not pumpkin pie or huge plates of turkey. =D

Jane Cartelli said...

Norma, here is the recipe. Mind you, it is mine, so (lol) the descriptions are not exact.

2 bags cranberries
1 can crushed pineapple (about 16 oz), with juice
4 cups Apple Cider
1 cup OJ
Frozen raspberries or blueberries

Boil 4 cups apple cider. Half bag at a time, add raw cranberries and gently dunk and stir until they stop cracking and soften. Strain each batch out, reserving liquid. Meantime, in a bowl, put 1 cup OJ and juice from 1 can pineapple (you cannot use fresh or frozen with gelatin). Sprinkle 2 to 3 packages of Knox Gelatin over the cold juice and let sit at least 90 seconds. Keep only 2 cups of the cooked apple cider. Put it in a large bowl. Add the gelatin/juice mix and stir until dissolved completely. Add half the cooked fruit and half the pineapple and any other berries you are adding (if any). Using immersion blender, blend down until just a little lumpy. Add rest of cooked fruit and pineapple and stir with spoon. Place in fridge until ready to serve.

I like a saucy cranberry sauce so I use 2 packages of Knox. If you like it thicker, use 3 or 4 or reserve less liquid after cooking.

This makes more stuffing than you will know what to do with so you might want to half the recipe. I use it after Thanksgiving to serve with Greek yogurt. I also mix cranberry dressin with evoo mayo and horseradish for a tangy topping on left over turkey.

Unknown said...

Hi Jane! I really do digest your holiday posts for a while because you give the most instructive intelligent advice ever.

I personally am going to store up calories--only because that works very well for me. Really, we need to be extremely honest and do what is successful for ourselves. I admire that about you.

I will shop with a banana in my purse on Friday. I have a great plan this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

:-) Marion

Jane Cartelli said...

If we all do what works for us we will all be happier in December!